TTCombat Add More Spooky Halflings To Their Fantasy Range

October 26, 2020 by brennon

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In addition to the spooky Undead Halflings that we saw last week, TTCombat also dropped in a few more characters and units for you to use when building you're new Fantasy army. Take a peek at some more of the 28mm miniatures they added to their webstore over the weekend.

Halfling Wight Lord - TTCombat

Halfling Wight Lord // TTCombat

We start with this terrifying Halfling Wight Lord who has been summoned from a distant barrow to continue the fight against those who put him in the ground. He is clad in some seriously heavy armour although I like the touch that he still has bare feet!

The fellow who perhaps summoned him into being could have been this Halfling Necromancer here.

Halfling Necromancer - TTCombat

Halfling Necromancer // TTCombat

Whilst his servant I do think that it would be fun to perhaps do an Undead Vs Undead battle where the Wight Lord has broken free from the Necromancer's magical clutches and is seeking revenge on the pitiful wizard for raising him from his slumber. This fellow does have the evil thing down though I reckon with that classic villainous goatee!

If you're looking for someone to hunt down these villainous characters then you've also got this Halfling Witch Hunter here.

Halfling Witch Hunter - TTCombat

Halfling Witch Hunter // TTCombat

More coat that Halfling, this fellow is armed with all manner of ways to take down the undead and make sure that they stay in the ground. I love his exceptionally massive hat which is about the size of his body and that hefty crossbow which has blasted away quite a few vampires I imagine.

Missiles & Monsters

In addition to the new characters, you can also get a few more options for the core of your army. Flinging all manner of strange things at your enemies we have a set of Halfling Undead Catapults.

Halfling Undead Catapults - TTCombat

Halfling Undead Catapults // TTCombat

Helmed by some devilish looking minions, these catapults are throwing classic undead missiles; massive monster skulls. There must be quite a lot of those stored down in those crypts so why not make use of them and fill them full of hellish magic?

If you prefer just raking your way through the frontlines of your opponent then how about these Werewolves?

Werewolves - TTCombat

Werewolves // TTCombat

I am quite a fan of Werewolves in general but I often find them quite hard to get ones that look good. All of the offerings here look spot on for me in what appears to be three different poses. Whilst these would be good for an army you could also use them as a foe to beat in your roleplaying encounters too. I'd paint them all up in different colours and throw some accessories into the mix then use them for the likes of Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

What do you make of these additional offerings?

"...these catapults are throwing classic undead missiles; massive monster skulls"

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