Community Spotlight: The Dark Knight, Mighty Warbosses & Cunning Lannisters

March 8, 2020 by crew

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking pieces this week...


...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.

Batman Miniatures by jelosloth7

We're diving in right away with a peek at some of the painting by jelosloth7 who has started building up a range of different projects recently. We start with a look at some of the miniatures that really caught my eye from the Knight Model's Batman Miniatures Game. A lot of awesome goodies popped up, especially when taking a look at these heroes from the range.

Batman Miniatures #1 by jelosloth7

As well as some core heroes like Batman and Robin we've also got Constantine at the back, Red Hood and Green Arrow too. I like this nice selection of sculpts, even if they are older, and it constantly reminds me that I think I'd have a lot of fun painting Batman in particular. I think the painting here does a great job of capturing the contrast within the characters and I'd be very happy to play with them!

The same degree of awesome painting has continued over into the rest of the Batman collection they have been working on. Here we have The Joker alongside myriad versions of Harley Quinn and quite the monstrous-looking goon. I think the style of painting is nice for highlighting the comic quality of the subject.

Batman Miniatures #2 by jelosloth7

We also have more of than similar style continued across the rest of the models from the Joker's little band of goons. I think these would be particularly nice to work with because they would be fairly simple to paint, a repetitive scheme in effect, but then there are enough little quirks here and there to make them fun too. For example, the armour, weapons, masks and such.

Batman Miniatures #3 by jelosloth7

I think this is a really nice snapshot of the Batman world that jelosloth7 has been tinkering with and it would be awesome if you jumped in onto the project link above and gave them some encouragement to share more!

Ironjawz Megaboss by mage

Next up, we're heading to the Mortal Realms which are becoming more and more enticing to me. This time we're looking at a rather awesome Ironjawz Megaboss from mage who has been working on this rather nice alternative scheme for his Orruks.

Oruk Megaboss #1 by mage

The idea here was to design a Warboss for a band of Orruks who come from the Realm Of Shyish. The force is going to be known as the Asheater Boyz and you can see how the darker colour scheme overall has done a great job of providing you with a hint as to his clan's heritage.

Oruk Megaboss #2 by mage

I also really like that we've got the pale skin of the Orruk showing through. Since he comes from a place which is probably quite dark and shadowy you would imagine him to have paler skin. Plus, I think it works as a good contrast to the rest of the model and makes the shape of the Orruk power through the darker armour.

The nice narrative built into this model continues through the base with the addition of some poor fellow being dragged off into the darkness by this Megaboss!

Oruk Megaboss #3 by mage

I really like the look of this, with one fellow being crunched into the earth as his friend gets dragged off. I think it really helps add to the savage nature of this Orruk character and gives you a fun little addition which makes this Orruk stand out from others in your collection.

Lannister Soldiers by guillotine

Finally, we're looking at some work by guillotine as their Lannister army grows in numbers! Now they have all manner of new troops and characters for you to check out that have been painted to a nice high tabletop standard.

Lannisters #1 by guillotine

I am actually rather impressed by the sculpting quality of the CMON range for A Song Of Ice & Fire and whilst it's a game that I haven't really dived into myself I think the miniatures would be really fun to paint. I really like the shimmering effect given to the shields of the soldier above and I think the detail work across the entire regiment has produced some really nice models.

Lannisters #2 by guillotine

The same continues throughout the rest of the collection and I think that there has been a lot of care and love put into getting all of these little details to pop. I also really like that everything feels joined back to the central Lannister theme with yellow/gold and red on display.

Even these more lowly folk feel like they belong within the same force, in part because of the nice basing material used to tie things up. I think that is also very key, making sure that the basing across your entire army makes them feel like they belong together.

Lannisters #3 by guillotine

There is much more for you to dive into with this project and some of the work done by guillotine throughout the past few months, so make sure to check it all out and dive in deeper!

What Are You Painting Right Now?

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"What Are You Painting Now?"

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