Community Spotlight: Dragonball Dioramas, Funky Gauls & Dark Angels

December 1, 2019 by crew

Come and join us for another delve into the Forums and Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking pieces this week...

Community Spotlight: Dragonball Dioramas, Funky Gauls & Dark Angels

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Dragonball Diorama by shreadhead

We start things off this week by looking at something a bit different. Here is a wonderful diorama shown off by shreadhead, painted up for a friend based on the Dragonball anime!

Dragonball Diorama #1 by shreadhead

This is a great looking little diorama which has come together very nicely indeed. The painting on it really has that comic/anime edge to it with a use of some good bold colours and very neat highlights and shading to make certain elements of it pop. Of course, you've then got the diorama base for this which mirrors the packaging that you can see if you visit the link above.

Dragonball Diorama #2 by shreadhead

I particularly liked the way that the smoke had been crafted coming out of the back of the van. The styrofoam looks ace, painted up to look (again) like a cool comic-style piece which has been taken from the pages of a manga perhaps. This seems like a really fun gift and it is nice to see something a bit different popping up in our project system.

The Gauls by civilcourage

Next up we're looking at some alternative takes on the classic Gauls that you might find popping up in your Ancient games. Here, Asterix and Obelix from Hasslefree Miniatures have been painted up brilliantly by civilcourage.

The Gauls #1 by civilcourage

The bases haven't been finished off for these models but the actual sculpts themselves have been given that final touch over the last week or so. I really like how civilcourage has taken the classic colour schemes for this duo and transferred them over onto these new models. The really poppy highlighting and shading on the models also pushes them to the next level.

The Gauls #2 by civilcourage

Additionally, I think the level of detail worked into their bare flesh has really made the models pop. All of the muscle definition here and there has been picked out and you can get a sense of their expression and character from their faces thanks to that extra bit of work. These would be brilliant to see pop up in a classically Historical game, leading the fight against the Roman Empire and their devious schemes for domination.

Dark Angels by milmaa

Last but not least we're looking at some of the long-time work by milmaa who has been tinkering away on some Dark Angels from Warhammer 40,000 for a while. Recently one of the key models for the force was finished off, this Captain with Power Sword.

Dark Angels #1 by milmaa

This selection of models has been coming to life slowly but surely over the last few months following on from the 40K Hobby Weekend and I think the colour choices and final look for the models has really popped off. I think the cream armour here for this Captain works very nicely indeed, especially framed against the shimmering dark green that you normally associate with this Chapter.

The same amount of work and effort has gone into the standard Dark Angels Space Marines...

Dark Angels #2 by milmaa

...and this awesome Dreadnought which also helps build up the Chapter. The startlingly bright red is a really nice way to draw the eye to the models and the little bit of edge highlighting on the armour and helmets also gives you a really nice finish to these regular troops. They have a nice old school style to them which I think is great.

Dark Angels #3 by milmaa

It's always nice to see a full army coming to life and tying together throughout the vehicles, walkers, troops and characters. Using a number of key techniques on each model and also choosing the right highlights across the collection helps to bind the army together beyond just the use of similar bases.

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