Community Spotlight: Genestealers, Gorkamorka & Grimdark Planes!

March 22, 2020 by brennon

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking pieces this week...


...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.

Gorkamorka by andre77

We start off with something from the past as we delve into a fantastically inventive and interesting project by andre77 who has been tinkering away on a bit of Gorkamorka! Greenskins are always fun to paint and andre77 has been doing some sterling job bringing these burly Orks to life.

Gorkamorka #1 by andre77

The project is focused on an idea that their group had to try and build up a fascinating Ork collection which would be great for those playing Gorkamorka. I think that it has really gone well so far with some fantastic painting on the regular Ork troops, vehicles and loads of terrain pieces too. As much as I'd love to see some new PrimarOrks pop up from Games Workshop for Warhammer 40,000, I do love the quirky nature of these older sculpts and I think they have a nice charm to them.

As I mentioned above, the project doesn't just feature those awesome Orks (which you can see in more detail on the Project link) but also ventures into objectives, scenario pieces and more. All of it has been given a really nice bright and glossy Ork look, perfect for making a dynamic looking tabletop.

Gorkamorka #2 by andre77

One of the latest entries in the project was to build up a band of very angry looking Squigs who have their chompers set on everything in their path!

Gorkamorka #3 by andre77

There is a lot that you can go and explore in this particular project and maybe it will be a nice way to inspire your own Orky projects. Oh, and I think that we should probably get around to making a drop-down option for Gorkamorka so that andre77 has a way to classify their project!

Marauder Destroyer by tathirach

Next up, we're heading into the skies and seeing what tathirach has been working on. Here we have a Marauder Destroyer from Aeronautica Imperialis which has been painted to match the Mosquito from World War II. I think the scheme has worked very nicely and it's good to see this Historical take on a Sci-Fi vehicle.

Marauder Destroyer #1 by tathirach

The entire process has been documented over on the project above and tathirach has been talking about all of the different paints which were used to get it to tabletop standard and then beyond. One of the things that got tweaked was the handwritten numbers which got swapped out for transfer as you'll see below.

Marauder Destroyer #2 by tathirach

I think that extra step shown in the image above really makes the final product pop. I love the lettering and RAF symbol on the wing and the main body of the plane. The World War II look really works for this particular flyer and I think it would be awesome to see this replicated across the rest of the Imperial elements for an Aeronautica Imperialis force too. I am particularly liking the look of the windows on the gunner's seat and cockpit; that blue looks great and helps highlight important parts of the model.


Genestealer Cult Army by ssethy1985

Last but certainly not least we're looking at the work of ssethy1985 who has completed work on a really awesome looking Genestealer Cult army which features characters and troops from all different corners of the Imperium's Warhammer 40,000 world.

Genestealer Cult #1 by ssethy1985

The collection brings together some of the traditional elements from the Genestealer Cult including a bunch of very nicely painted characters as you can see above. Also, it features some great looking vehicles which have been looted and used by the Cult in order to undertake their insurrection!

I really liked the miniatures that we're seeing below where those Ambots have been tweaked and changed to work for the Genestealer Cult. Led by the female Magus there, you could imagine her striding across the battlefield with a smug look on her face!

Genestealer Cult #2 by ssethy1985

A bunch of normal Genestealers have been added into the mix as well. I really like this classic scheme for the Genestealers and their leader. The darker purple and blue really works nicely to create the look of a shadowy force which is stealing into position on the battlefield.

Genestealer Cult #3 by ssethy1985

There is plenty more to check out from this particular army by ssethy1985 and I think it would be awesome to see some close up looks at some of the characters and such as well. As it stands though, this is another way to tempt me into making a new Games Workshop army!

What Are You Painting Right Now?

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