Community Spotlight: Jovian Wars, Stormcloak Soldiers & Sculpting Star Wars

July 13, 2020 by brennon

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Come and join us for another delve into the Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking miniature wargaming painting and hobbying this week...

Community Spotlight: Jovian Wars, Stormcloak Soldiers & Sculpting Star Wars

...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.

Jovian Wars Ships by artemis5150

We start with the realm of Jovian Wars from Dream Pod 9 as artemis5150 has been working away on a bunch of ships from this range. I always love seeing badass looking spaceships and I think these have been painted up really nicely.

Jovian Wars Ships #1 by artemis5150.jpg

There is a lot of detail work built into these models and I like the way the highlighting has been done to build up all of the little bits and pieces which make these ships pop. I like that you've even got smaller details highlighted here and there including number markings alongside its hull and of course the name.

As well as the JSS Illustrious Majestic Class Fleet Carrier which is is show above, you've also got the CSS Narwal, Narwal Class Bombardment Cruiser which is a little boxier. It too has been painted up very nicely too and features the same level of highlighting and detail work which takes it to the next level.

Jovian Wars Ships #2 by artemis5150.jpg

These are some fantastic looking ships for the game that I actually don't know much about. It has been going for quite a while and I think the aesthetic of the world is rather awesome indeed. I have always wondered why people make sleek looking spaceships when there is no reason to do so! This is a good example of how these kinds of ships could look and it is a neat reminder of shows like The Expanse and such.

Stormcloak Soldiers by chaosgorka

As well as these awesome sculpts from a Sci-Fi world we also have some painting from a Fantasy one. This here is a little bit of work from chaosgorka as they build up a collection of Stormcloak Soldiers from the world of Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls by Modiphius.

Stormcloaks #1 by chaosgorka.jpg

Each of the miniatures has been painted up in the detailed way that we've come to know from chaosgorka. |The work on the deep blue cloaks is spot on and the contrast between that and their darker leathers is a nice way to make the miniatures pop on the tabletop.

Stormcloaks #2 by chaosgorka.jpg

A lot of detail work has been done across the miniature to make them pop even more too. For example, you can see the additional work done in the beard and facial details plus across the fur. It works rather nicely as a little bit of a more comic scheme which pops a little instead of looking grim and dour.

Even the armour work here across the helmet and sword is top-notch and it is a very nice take on the idea of non-metallic metal.

Stormcloaks #3 by chaosgorka.jpg

The one thing that I'm not entirely sure on is the basing. I think it looks very good in terms of framing the miniatures but I would have potentially preferred a little bit more grass or vegetation on there myself. The flowers are a nice touch though as an added flourish. After all, there are all manner of wildflowers and such that you need to pick in-game!

Painting & Sculpting Star Wars by fourtytwo

Finally, we're looking at not just a great bit of painting but also a touch of sculpting too. fourtytwo has been working on this collection for quite a while and has such a passion for Star Wars that they have working on sculpting and building up their own characters that are missing from the tabletop world. For example, you have IG-88 here who was actually sculpted and boshed together!

Star Wars Miniatures #1 by fourtytwo.png

As well as this excellent murder droid who is a great nod back towards the original trilogy and some of the side-characters from the series there is also this wondrous singer! Here is a very well sculpted take on Sy Snootles who you might remember from Jabba's Palace!

Star Wars Miniatures #2 by fourtytwo.png

Again, this miniature wasn't just painted up but was actually sculpted by fourtytwo and you can find out more over on the project link above. This is a really detailed miniature and again, it's an awesome way to show off the depth and breadth of the Star Wars world as well as some serious skill.

As well as working on these 28mm scale miniatures for use with the likes of Legion and Imperial Assault, there is also a set of X-Wing miniatures which have been set up in some cool scenes by fourtytwo as well. You have the Liberator here and also a tiny A-Wing!

Star Wars Miniatures #3 by fourtytwo.png

Star Wars Miniatures #4 by fourtytwo.png

This is very cool and I think it would be fun to see what other people do when it comes to painting up miniatures from their collection. Take some nice high-resolution images and stick them into an image editing program!

It is well worth exploring more of the work by fourtytwo over on the project link above as this fellow seriously loves Star Wars.

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