Community Spotlight: Saxons, Clone Armies & Leaping Barbarians

November 3, 2019 by crew

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Come and join us for another delve into the Forums and Projects to find the best of the best from the last week or so. We're going to be getting stuck into lots of great looking pieces this week...

Community Spotlight: Saxons, Clone Armies & Leaping Barbarians

...make sure to always let us know what YOU have been working on and share it across the site.

Saxon Warriors by suetoniuspaullinus

We start things off with a look at some historical goodness which seems apt considering the time of year and the recent anniversary of the Battle Of Hastings. Here are a number of Saxon characters which have been painted up by the ace suetoniuspaullinus.

Anglo-Saxons #1 by suetoniuspaullinus

A range of characters have been painted up as well as some grizzled looking warriors that have no doubt been holding the line for many years. One of the cool things about suetoniuspaullinus' painting is the fact that it is really down and dirty, gritty and realistic. Each of his warriors looks like they have battled through hell to get where they are.

On top of the painting on the miniatures, there's also the work on the bases which serve as a nice frame to highlight the model. There is a little bit of storytelling there in parts, especially when you look at this Warlord, and you've also got another realistic look at the battlefields they'd be on. It's all mud, crud and blood!

Anglo-Saxons #2 by suetoniuspaullinus

There are a few awesome looking pieces for you to check out from him and all of them should hopefully come together to create an astounding force which is ready to hold back William The Bastard and take on the forces of the Vikings too in 1066.

Anglo-Saxons #3 by suetoniuspaullinus

These are some seriously awesome looking models and they certainly show off how detailed the Victrix kits are as well as how diverse they can be too. I'm very tempted to pick up a set of these models myself and get stuck in painting some Dark Age characters too.

Obi-Wan & Republic Clones by chaosgorka

Next, we're moving away from Dark Age history and heading to a galaxy far, far away. This is the work from another painting machine, chaosgorka, who has been turning brush towards the new Clones Wars set from Fantasy Flight Games for Star Wars: Legion. The Republic is the focus right now leading the way with an excellently painted Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Clone Wars #1 by chaosgorka

This is a great take on the character which really goes for that poppy look which is packed full of bright colours and tones. One thing to note is how amazing that white armour has come out on the model with such clean lines and a nice little bit of highlighting to show light catching the edges of it.

Things continue as we look at some of the Clone Troopers who are serving alongside Obi-Wan on the battlefield. Here we have one of the Speeders...

Clone Wars #2 by chaosgorka

The nice thing about this is that the deeper red which you can see on the fuselage of the speeder is a good contrast to the white that dominates the models. I think it's a good colour to use as it helps to really push the troopers/pilots to the forefront here. Everything about the painting from chaosgorka is clean and precise and that's what I love. Neatness is key in painting as it means that even if you don't have all the skills you'll have painted up some amazing looking miniatures.

Finally from chaosgorka we've got some of the regular Clone Troopers. As much as I like a good Stormtrooper I do have a soft spot for the Republic Clones. I think their design is very cool indeed, especially the helmets, and they also got access to some epic looking weapons too.

Clone Wars #3 by chaosgorka

I have to commend chaosgorka once more for the work on these soldiers and the fact that the little things have been brought to the fore so nicely. The helmet screens in that deep black look lovely and neat and the markings on the leader's shoulder pads are a lovely touch. This is a particularly special looking army and I can't wait to check out work on the Separatist Droids!

Einarr The Barbarian by krautwerk

Finally, we're looking at a single model from krautwerk which really caught my eye. Here we have Einarr The Barbarian painted up here with an uncanny resemblance to a particularly special warrior of legend.

Einarr #1 by krautwerk

This is a stunningly well-painted miniature which shows off a ridiculous amount of skill from krautwerk. The muscles have been picked out beautifully, the equipment and weapons look stunning and the extra detail work pushes things to the next level. When you take a peek at some of the finer details here you notice just how much love has been poured into the paint job.

Einarr #2 by krautwerk

The splashes of blood, the few cuts across his body, the wild expression on his face as the rage takes hold and the shimmering magic glow from his mighty blade. This is a fantastic miniature which is caught right in the midst of the action, a perfect and iconic representation of these bloodthirsty warriors.

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