Para Bellum Release Conquest: First Blood Skirmish Rules

October 16, 2020 by brennon

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Para Bellum Wargames has now released their FREE skirmish rules for playing 35mm clashes in the world of Conquest. Whilst The Last Argument Of Kings deals with the massive clashes between mighty armies, First Blood takes things to a more personal level.

Conquest First Blood - Para Bellum Wargames

Conquest: First Blood // Para Bellum Wargames

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First Blood has been designed so that it works for both veteran Conquest players and also those new to the hobby. The same resources and basic characteristics of Conquest are required to play but it has its own distinct flavour. Here are some of the key features of First Blood.

  • Rules and mechanics that are born from Conquest (i.e. one is a success and six a failure, the turn has the same structure, players activate one regiment at a time and perform actions).
  • Plays with a far smaller Model count (depending on army size, they could start playing with one hero and two regiments)
  • The square Stands of The Last Argument of Kings are not used; in First Blood, Models are placed and move much more freely than in “block” movement, making it a pure Skirmish game, despite the relatively increased number of models allowed in it.
  • Veteran Conquest players will find that their Regiment and Character models can be fielded in First Blood. On the other hand, a First Blood entire Regiment comprises of the contents of a single box, and you could build multiple smaller First Blood Regiments with a single Conquest expansion, making it ideal for newcomers.
  • The play style of First Blood is much faster (faster even than Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings!) mostly due to allowing fewer Models on the field.
  • It requires a table smaller than your average Mass Battle game, making it both easier for newcomers and an excellent option for veterans, offering fast and easy-to-setup battles.
  • Utilizes Characters in a different way than Conquest – while in the Mass Battle game of Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings Characters are leaders of Regiments, here they are “Units” of their own right and do not join normal Regiments, followed rather by their retinue or fighting on their own. They also provide access to fewer Regiments, so more Characters appear in a small army, playing a far more active and pivotal part on the field.

So, if you've perhaps jumped into Conquest with us right now to undertake the Path Of Conquest 2020 then maybe you want to give your miniatures a run out on the tabletop with these skirmish rules right now?

Conquest First Blood Gameplay - Para Bellum Wargames

Conquest: First Blood Gameplay // Para Bellum Wargames

Whilst I am all for big mass battle wargames I do always appreciate there being a more focused entry-level option for people too. Having something like First Blood in the mix means that you can get wargaming with just a handful of miniatures and begin to tell stories which develop and change with the growth of your army.

Conquest: First Blood Rules PDF

Of course, you could always link your First Blood and The Last Argument Of Kings games together as well in order to tell the unfolding narrative of your army as it goes on campaign. Now, more than ever, I am very tempted to dive in and get my hands on some Dweghom!

Are you going to be checking out this free download?

"Having something like First Blood in the mix means that you can get wargaming with just a handful of miniatures..."

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