Let’s Play: A Song Of Ice & Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game – Feast For Crows

May 3, 2018 by dignity

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Justin is joined by Mike from CMON games to play the Feast for Crows Scenario from A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

Let's Play: A Song of ice and Fire - Feast for Crows

Introducing piles of corpses to the battlefields and increasing the points total for both sides, this Feast For Crows scenario has Justin and Mike duking it out with massive armies and special character attachments which makes for a ferocious battle across the plains.

With Greywind nipping at the heels of the Lannisters and Gregor Clegane sundering the Stark troops, this Let's Play is a back and forth game the entire time.

Which commander would you prefer: Robb Stark or Jaime Lannister?

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