Q&A Time! Talking Fallout: Wasteland Warfare With Modiphius

May 3, 2017 by brennon

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We had the chance to fire over some questions about the new Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures game coming to the tabletop in the near future from Modiphius.

Wargaming In The Wasteland

Chris Birch gave us a taster of what we can expect to see from the game when it launches.

BoW: So, we've seen the first few teasers about the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures game. Can you give us some more detail on how the game is going to release initially?

Chris Birch: You can expect a series of factions being released in waves with starter sets and then expansions for each faction to add to them and build the force you want. Everything is in super high quality resin produced in the UK with scenic bases included as standard.

Wargaming In The Wasteland (Models)

We’re still considering a two player starter set which is aimed at the more mainstream market and that will likely follow after.

We know that the miniatures are going to be 32mm in scale but what material are they going to be made out of and will they come pre-assembled or in a more traditional miniatures format?

They’re very high quality resin - we’re using the same company that Hawk Wargames uses for their excellent resin production. They will not be pre-assembled but resin parts - we’re trying to keep assembly simple and minimal parts where possible though.

Saying that I do plan a sprue of stuff for modders to use - like guns, heads, kit, etc.

Can you tell us a bit more about the factions that are going to be present in the game?

I think you can guess we’re going to see the Brotherhood of Steel and the Supermutants quite early on, we then have plans to gradually roll out more factions month by month.


This week we’re doing a big survey to see which factions people are most looking forward to and that will shape which factions we introduce in wave two and three of the releases.

The idea of PvP, Co-Op & Solo tabletop missions sounds fascinating. Can you run through a bit more on how that plays out?

Well aside from player vs player, I’ve always wanted a wargame with decent solo rules so we’re working on AI decks that are flavoured by their factions specific tactics so you will see one faction acting differently to another if you face off against them on your own or with a friend.

By creating solo rules we can then have players team up together against the game - like defending a joint base together, or perhaps instead we’re playing a PvP game where a third side is controlled by the game.

Modiphius has a long history of working on some great role-playing games. How much of an influence has that had on where you go with this miniatures game?

I think it’s led us to try to bring more narrative missions to the game. Something I’ve found with a lot of wargames is a lack of decent scenarios - so we’re planning lots of linked missions in story driven campaigns with regular monthly releases in a storyline as well as packaged bundles.


Of course if you just want to face off for caps or fight over a simple objective that’s easy. We’re also considering some evolving storylines that are wrapped around each faction and how the players can have an influence on that - more on that soon!

Is there more about the general mechanics of the game you can tell us, for example how a standard turn might break down on the tabletop?

I can’t reveal too much yet as it’s still in play testing and these things could change a lot. Needless to say there’s a couple of levels of play for each unit - either as characters or squads. We could roll out with just three or four cool characters and see what the wasteland has to throw at us, or face off against your squads of say a dozen raiders.


The game focuses on games ranging from three up to thirty models, however we’re working on a mob version that would let you field much bigger numbers without it taking days to play.

Are you going to be taking this game to Kickstarter or via another platform?

It won’t be a kickstarter but a pre-order on the Modiphius store or in your local gaming stores. There will be some cool bonuses for pre-ordering from us, but we’re trying to ensure you can get this anywhere there’s a good gaming store.

Cheers for the update Chris!

Are you excited for where things could go with a Fallout miniatures game? We're certainly liking the sound of these multiple modes of play allowing you to tailor it to your gaming group, or indeed solo play.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below...

"We’re still considering a two player starter set which is aimed at the more mainstream market and that will likely follow after..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

"Something I’ve found with a lot of wargames is a lack of decent scenarios - so we’re planning lots of linked missions in story driven campaigns..."

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