Speedo-Wearing Goblin Wins The Hero Forge Creator Competition!

January 25, 2021 by brennon

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Last week, we hosted the Blue Monday Livestream alongside Wayland Games and one of the segments allowed us to go through Warren's not-so-shortlist of Hero Forge characters that YOU had created. We did indeed find a winner, voted for mostly by you lot in the community! Meet Mr Higgins or as we like to call him "Speedo Goblin".

Mr Higgins #1 - Hero Forge

Mr Higgins // Hero Forge

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Mr Higgins here caught our eye because of the immense amount of work that had gone into the character. According to his creator, @dirtybadger, this fellow here is a Goblin Druid Of The Circle Of Spores and his real name is Wizzizug (he also likes walks on the beach and eating at fine dining restaurants).

Mr Higgins #2 - Hero Forge

Mr Higgins // Hero Forge

dirtybadger did such a good job on the miniature and gave him such an eye-catching pair of pink speedos that we had to pick him as the winner. To that end, we will be making sure that this miniature gets printed (in full colour!) and once we've had a look over the results we will be sending him on to his rightful home.

Take A Look At The Shortlist!

If you were tempted by some of the other designs we showed off last week then make sure to check out the full shortlist of characters down below...

...and, if you want to check out even more creations by the community then you can also dive into the FULL Weekender Show Comment Thread where people went mad and made all manner of interesting heroes and villains.

Hero Forge is a lot of fun to play around with and I would highly recommend it for making your own unique player characters for role-playing games and the like!

Have you had any experience with Hero Forge?

"Have you had any experience with Hero Forge?"

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