Spider-Man & New Villains Swing Into Marvel: Crisis Protocol

March 19, 2021 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games has been revealing more miniatures for Marvel: Crisis Protocol! In a new trailer from yesterday, they showed off not only The Amazing Spider-Man and Black Cat but also a suite of villains for them to go up against.

Amazing Spider-Man Trailer // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

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The new miniatures for Spider-Man and Black Cat give off a particularly balletic vibe to them. Spider-Man is leaping away from an explosion for example...

Amazing Spider-Man Vs Lizard - Marvel Crisis Protocol OTT

Amazing Spider-Man Vs Lizard // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

I do particularly like the model and the pose and I think it works very well for the web-swinger. It very much reminds me of the look and feel of Spider-Man in the video game that came out on PS4 in the last few years. I will always be a big fan of Spider-Man and I did enjoy how the trailer also brought through plenty of those 90s vibes from the cartoon series.

Much like Spider-Man, Black Cat is flipping her way out of trouble.

Black Cat - Marvel Crisis Protocol OTT

Black Cat // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Being the master criminal that she is, it certainly makes sense for her to always be in the midst of leaping around. I'm not sure how this pose will look all the time when in the midst of a tabletop skirmish but it's a good vignette at the very least.

It would be neat to see an alternative pose of her doing a superhero landing pose perhaps, getting ready to leap towards her next target. It does work very well with the aforementioned Spider-Man model though which is good.

A Rogue's Gallery

As well as the two new heroes coming your way, we've also got a bunch of villains too. Kraven The Hunter is leaping into the fray as he makes ready to hunt that dastardly spider throughout the streets of New York.

Kraven The Hunter - Marvel Crisis Protocol OTT

Kraven The Hunter // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Lizard, or Doctor Connors, is also leaping from the sewers in order to stop Spider-Man from ruining his plans. As Lizard was the first villain that Spider-Man fought in the 90s animated series, I have quite the love for this fellow and it's fun to see him unleashed on Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

Lizard - Marvel Crisis Protocol OTT

Lizard // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Just remember that whilst he might be trying to turn everyone into lizards, he is still a good man underneath all of that muscle! Maybe just knock him out and deliver the antidote!

Someone who is decidedly NOT a good guy is Carnage. This new writing version of him is all spinning blades and I imagine he is going to be quite the foe for Spider-Man and his friends to take on.

Carnage - Marvel Crisis Protocol OTT

Carnage // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

This might provide you with the right oppertunity to have Spider-Man and Venom team up so that they can take down this murderous symbiote. You could have quite the rooftop chase through the city of New York as you try and stop him from getting to his next victim.

Throwing a spanner in the works and playing around with your reality, we also have Mysterio. Here he is resplendent in his classic comic book get-up!

Mysterio - Marvel Crisis Protocol OTT

Mysterio // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Weave mysterious illusions and throw Spider-Man, Black Cat, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales off the scent with this tricksy villain. I think all of the nefarious bad guys that Atomic Mass Games have produced as part of this preview are really fun and the perfect opportunity to dive back into the game over the next few months.

New Villains - Marvel Crisis Protocol OTT

New Villains // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Spider-Man, much like Batman in the DC Universe, seems to have the best selection of villains and heroes that all come together in the perfect cocktail. I'm sure some folks will disagree but there is so much to have fun with as part of this side of Marvel.

Amazing Spider-Man Themed Packs - Marvel Crisis Protocol OTT

Amazing Spider-Man Themed Packs // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Watch out for all of these miniatures coming out later this year as well as a new terrain pack for the NYC Apartment Building. This will add more height to your gaming tables! If you are a massive Marvel fan then you are going to be very busy over the next few months.

Which is your favourite Spider-Man villain?

"If you are a massive Marvel fan then you are going to be very busy over the next few months..."

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