The 21st Panzer Division Brings More Goodies To Flames Of War

December 6, 2019 by brennon

Come and dive into the mix of goodies available from Battlefront Miniatures for Flames Of War. This time around you've got the 21st Panzer Division taking command of the battlefield with a host of new armoured elements.

Hotchkiss (7.5cm or 10.5cm)

Hotchkiss - Flames Of War

Lorraine Schlepper

Lorraine Schlepper - Flames Of War

U304(F) Half-Track

U304(F) Half-track - Flames Of War


Reihenwerfer - Flames Of War

S307(f) (7.5cm)

S307(f) - Flames Of War

This array of vehicles are part of a unique force which was largely having to make do with modified French armour. They were kept back as the Allies stormed over Juno and Sword Beach and General Marcks took command, ordering the Kampfgruppe Oppeln to attack. This led to this quote which summed up the invasion...

"If you don’t succeed in throwing the British into the sea, we will have lost the war."

So, if you're looking for a ramshackle band of vehicles for you to throw into the mix then you'll want to snap these up alongside some new infantry elements too. The Parachutist Mortar Platoon and also the Parachutist 47mm Anti-tank Platoon are also available for you to snap up.

Also, remember that you can still get involved over the next few days in the D-Day Global Campaign!

Global Campaign Banner - Flames Of War

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Will you be helping the Allies or the Axis to try and cement their victory and take control of Normandy?

What do you make of the set?

"If you don’t succeed in throwing the British into the sea, we will have lost the war..."

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