British Daimlers, Priests & Anti-Tank Guns Drop For Flames Of War

June 1, 2020 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures has released a selection of new and revamped British 15mm wargaming miniatures for use in Flames Of War. We start with a selection of vehicles and some of my favourites, the Daimler Armoured Car Troop.

-5ed4c63e489a6--5ed4c63e489a7Daimler Armoured Car Troop - Flames Of War.jpg

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This particular kit comes with the ability to build two of the Daimler Armoured Cars as well as the Dingo Scout Cars which would have driven alongside them. The 2 pdr Anti-Tank gun that the Daimler brought into the fighting was no slouch and could easily pop a hole in the enemy defences should they be called to.

Priest Field Troop

Next up, we're looking at some equally small but effective units. Here we have the Priest Field Troop.

Priest Field Troop - Flames Of War

This American M7 105mm howitzer was given the name of Priest by the British because of its pulpit-like machine gun mount. It was grafted onto the chassis of the Grant tank and designed to give mobile artillery support to both tanks and infantry. Having guns which can quickly move into different positions does give you the edge in battle.

Flames Of War British Guns Never Tire

As well as those highly mobile additions to the Flames Of War British range, we also had a selection of Anti-Tank guns for wargamers at add into their collection.

17 pdr Anti-Tank Platoon

-5ed4c63b39125--5ed4c63b3912617 pdr Anti-tank Platoon - Flames Of War.jpg

25 pdr Field Troop

25 pdr Field Troop - Flames Of War

6 pdr Anti-Tank Platoon

-5ed4c639a34eb--5ed4c639a34ec6 pdr Anti-tank Platoon - Flames Of War.jpg

All of these big guns will give you the advantage of sustained firepower on the tabletop. As long as you set them up in the right spot, you'll be able to provide good covering fire for your advancing troops and tanks as they push forward into the fighting. Just make sure that there isn't a pesky enemy unit crawling up your flank!

Are you tempted by these new releases for Flames Of War?

"Are you tempted by these new releases for Flames Of War?"

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