Snap Up New D-Day American Forces For Flames Of War

June 25, 2019 by brennon

D-Day is hotting up as Battlefront Miniatures provide those diving into Flames Of War with some cool new options as they fight through the Late War period. A new supplement leads the way.

D-Day America Book - Flames Of War

This book takes things beyond the beaches of Normandy as you dive into the fierce fighting which erupted as the Americans and other Allied forces pushed further inland. The book will focus in on the forces that fought in Normandy and keep you historically accurate as it were!

Reinforce Your Invading Army

As you might have guessed the rest of June and July is very much focused towards the release of some new miniatures for the Americans. We've taken a snippet of the new releases to show off here but you can find more over on the Pre-Order Page.

Armoured Platoon - Flames Of War

The first two options that I wanted to draw attention to are the Armoured Rifle Platoon above and the Rifle Platoon below which really focus in on the use of infantry in your games of Flames Of War. Yes, there were lots of vehicles charging across the countryside but it was the regular soldiers who won the day.

Rifle Company - Flames Of War

As well as these infantry options there will be plenty of key vehicles for you to choose from like the M4 Sherman which comes in a larger set of five vehicles.

Sherman Tank Platoon - Flames Of War

Artillery, smaller recon vehicles and more are also on the way but it seems like the focus is shifting towards an army which is quick and deadly, able to close in on the enemy position.

Supporting from the skies you've also got aircraft that would have been flying in from Britain. For example, here we have the P-47 Thunderbolt Flight.

P-47 Thunderbolt Flight - Flames Of War

Watch out for these dropping bombs on the enemy position, smashing them to smithereens before your infantry and tanks roll in. These aircraft were key to the success of the war effort, keeping the Axis airforce from harrying the advance.

Will you be picking up some of the American forces for use in Normandy?

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"Will you be picking up some of the American forces for use in Normandy?"

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