Fight Desperately With Flames Of War’s 15mm Volksturm

May 1, 2023 by brennon

The desperate fight continues in Berlin: German from Battlefront Miniatures as they have made a bunch of new Flames Of War miniatures available to snap up over the last week or so. This time around, there is plenty of armour but also some rather beleaguered troops in 15mm as well for use in World War II wargaming.

Panzer II - Flames Of War M

Panzer II // Flames Of War

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When it comes to the vehicle side of things, you have the likes of the Panzer II, rumbling around ruined streets but also a couple of additional packs that offer up a bit more on the artillery front. You could, for example, snap up the Wespe/Marder II which will be very handy for those dropping shots in from afar.

Wespe Marder II - Flames Of War

Wespe/Marder II // Flames Of War

You can also call on the Waffentrager which, in many ways, is just a seriously big gun mounted on the back of tracks. This gives me vibes of something Weird World War rather than World War II and you can certainly see where Games Workshop got their inspiration for some of their own miniatures. Basilisk anyone?

Waffentrager - Flames Of War

Waffentrager // Flames Of War

A potential tank destroyer supreme. Why wouldn't you want one of these sitting on the streets of Berlin, aiming down the street and watching out for the oncoming Soviet armour?

New Infantry Packs

As well as the vehicles, you have the sets that caught my eye. I really like this Volksturm Platoon from the folks at Battlefront Miniatures which showcases the regular folk that were called in to fight alongside the last of the German soldiers during this period.

Volkssturm Platoon - Flames Of War

Volksturm Platoon // Flames Of War

This was essentially the German equivalent of the Homeguard that we know from the British side of things. Males aged sixteen through to sixty were called up to fight as part of a militia and given whatever weapons their commanders could get their hands on. A very "Jojo Rabbit" moment. Most of their engagements with the Allies were unsuccessful but when you're trying to throw everything that you can against your enemies to keep them from the gate, any one body is as good as another for wielding a rifle.

Last but not least, you can also get your hands on the 3.7cm AA Platoon from Battlefront Miniatures which could provide you with some defence against enemies coming from the skies.

3 7cm AA Platoon - Flames Of War

3.7cm AA Platoon // Flames Of War

It always helps to have some of these fellows on hand to watch for incoming enemy aircraft. Additionally, there is nothing wrong with turning the wheel and focusing your gun on those running towards you as well. Guns made for destroying aircraft have a habit of being pretty good at hurting humans too.

Could you be tempted to dive in and pick up some of these new miniatures for the Germans of Flames Of War?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Males aged sixteen through to sixty were called up to fight as part of a militia..."

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