New Flames Of War British Hunker Down Behind Bocage This Week

March 27, 2020 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures has been showing off some of the British sets they have brought together to help expand upon your choices in World War II and Flames Of War. Dive into a bit more Historical goodness with these releases...

Rifle Company March - Flames Of War

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First up we have the Rifle Company which contains a lot of different options and might form the cornerstone of your expanding World War II force. As well as regular riflemen you've also got mortars, anti-tank guns and machine guns to help defend hard-won sections of the French countryside. This set benefits those looking to strike out in a lighting fast attack too.

Covering Fire

Next up, we have two options for those looking to lay down a bit more supportive fire. This takes the form of Vickers Machine-Gun Platoon...

Vickers Machine-gun Platoon March - Flames Of War

...and the strange '"fump" of the 3-inch Mortar Platoon firing in the background. This should enable you to keep the advance going and then terrify any Germans who end up getting in your way.

3-inch Mortar Platoon - Flames Of War

These little kits are always important and you should never disregard the need for support weapons and infantry on the tabletop. You can have all the tanks you like but it doesn't make any difference if you've got no way to try and secure and hold objectives on the battlefield.

In saying that, we do have some vehicles too this week!

Universal Carrier Patrol - Flames Of War

Here we have the Universal Carrier Patrol which would be a rather nice way to get your troops to where they need to be and the big guns also help when it comes to supporting fire too.

Book It To The Bocage!

As well as the options for building up your British force, there are also two new Battlefield In A Box kits you can snap up. Both of these are in 15mm of course and they are going to give you some thick Bocage to hide behind on the tabletop.

Battlefield In A Box Boccage - Flames Of War

If this set of Bocage isn't enough (you get seven different pieces in the set) then you can also snag yourself the Bocage Extra kit which five different styles of Bocage which are good for moving this foliage around railways and roads.

Battlefield In A Box Bocage Extra - Flames Of War

So, if you're looking to try and hunker down from incoming fire and potentially funnel some of the action on the tabletop then these would be good pre-painted and ready-to-play terrain options.

Will you be snagging these kits for yourself?

"As well as the options for building up your British force, there are also two new Battlefield In A Box kits you can snap up..."

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