Get Started In Flames Of War With Four New Starter Sets

June 8, 2019 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures has been showing off four new Flames Of War Starter Sets which you can snag right now. If you've been inspired by the Boot Camp this weekend this will give you a good start with World War II in 15mm.

British Starter Force - Flames Of War

Each of the sets gives you a whole bunch of armoured options for you to use on the tabletop, some big guns and a smattering of infantry which will be key for holding objectives.

As well as the British we also have the Germans as you can see here.

German Starter Force - Flames Of War

One of the things that I still can't really get my head around for Flames Of War is how much focus goes on the vehicles from World War II. Yes, I know there were a lot of armoured offensives but I still think it would be pretty cool to have more of an infantry focus, changing up a force to involved a lot more soldiers.

You would have thought the Soviet force, in particular, would have been packed with infantry. That's not to say that I'm not won over by twenty-two vehicles!

Soviet Starter Force - Flames Of War

Last but not least we have the American force too. With such a big focus on D-Day and the invasion of Europe by the Allies, it might be neat to bring the British and Americans together into one massive fighting force.

American Starter Force - Flames Of War

Whichever faction you want to play as in Flames Of War you've got a lot of neat options here. I think because I think it would be nice to include more infantry in the mix I'd go for the Americans.

Maybe some of you Flames Of War veterans can tell me why we don't see much of the infantry in the game and whether or not an infantry heavy force would work!

"Whichever faction you want to play as in Flames Of War you've got a lot of neat options here..."

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