Dive Into Flames Of War’s Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign

August 2, 2019 by brennon

Flames Of War is fun to play when you're just battling it out between friends but I love anything with a narrative focus. That is where the new Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign comes in which has been previewed by Battlefront Miniatures this week.

Bloody Omaha Ace Campaign - Flames Of War

This set allows you to play out a flexible campaign system simply with the use of a set of cards. It works well with two players but can be tweaked to work with a squad of folks too if you've got a lot of people at the local club playing the game. It can also be played over one or two days during a bit tournament or across several months. The choice is yours.

In Bloody Omaha, you will take your army and key heroic characters and take them through the gruelling beach landings of D-Day and up into the countryside of Normandy. Story cards give you the essence of each mission whilst Side Missions help to lengthen the campaign and provide you with interesting alternative objectives between the bigger story missions.

Ace and Reward cards come in to give you the roleplaying/narrative element of the campaign. Your characters will upgrade and be gifted with these abilities which help to change the flow of battle and build more narrative into your force.

This seems like an absolutely awesome way to play Flames Of War, especially if you're jumping into the game for the first time and don't really want to get into the ultra-competitive side of wargaming.

Could you be tempted by this?

"This seems like an absolutely awesome way to play Flames Of War..."

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