Grab Recon, Armour & Artillery For Flames Of War This Week

July 26, 2019 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures are continuing to build up their range of options available for Flames Of War players. This time around we're getting US recon, armour and more.

Recon Patrol Security Section - Flames Of War

Leading the way is the Recon Patrol Security Section which comes with a couple of different trucks for you to use, armed with machine guns, plus M20 Armoured Cars which carry bigger guns for when armour threatens your approaching army. These aspects of the army were important for securing routes across the battlefield and racing ahead to watch over important bridge crossings for example.

Next up, we have the M7 Priest Artillery Battery which then gives you some mobile fire support which allows you to unleash a salvo of explosives at the enemy, especially those who are hunkered down.

M7 Priest Artillery Battery - Flames Of War

These were used on the beaches of Normandy as impromptu assault guns, blowing apart bunkers which were blocking the exits off the beach.

We also make way for some larger guns in the form of a set which offers up two M4 Shermans which make up an Assault Gun Platoon.

M4 Sherman (105mm) Assault Gun Platoon - Flames Of War

These particular tanks combined the powerful damage of a mortar with the first shot kill potential of a big mounted gun. They were perfect at blowing holes in fortifications and of course enemy armour.

As well as these options in vehicle form you can also pick up a new bit of infantry kit with the M1917 Machine-gun Platoon. This should then give you some more manoeuvrable fire support as you move between cover.

Will you be checking out some of these new options for the US?

"Will you be checking out some of these new options for the US?"

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