Rumble Forward With Flames Of War Soviets In February

January 16, 2019 by brennon

We're switching back to the Soviets and some more of their reinforcements in February as Battlefront look to expand upon the vehicles available to the soldiers of the Red Banner! One of the first vehicle sets coming out next month is the Churchill Heavy Tank Company.

Churchill Heavy Tank Company - Flames Of War

As you'll know by now from seeing the Churchill roll out for a myriad of different forces, they are heavy duty pieces of kit that can crush more or less anything that gets in their way. These lend-lease agreement vehicles saw a LOT of action on the Eastern Front. Stalin's orders forbidding crews from leaving their tanks unless they were on fire led to Churchill crews being somewhat fearless in the face of danger...a potent combination.

Matched alongside them we have the SU-85 Tank-killer Battery.

SU-85 Tank-killer Battery - Flames Of War

Again, with that low profile and a hefty gun on the front, these tank-killers were perfect for sniping heavy German armour at range. It was an effective addition to the Soviet arsenal so well worth including as part of your force.

Next, we're turning our attention to the SU-76 Light SP Battery...

SU-76 Light SP Battery - Flames Of War

Cheap and simple would be the buzzwords that surrounded these particular vehicles. The Soviets were able to rattle these off the production line and they proved to be an effective way of controlling the enemy, moving about the battlefield to where artillery support was needed.

Last but not least we have some vehicles which could be well paired with the SU-76. The M3 Scout Transport could rush around on the battlefield and scope out danger, perhaps relaying information back to the rest of the army as to what is looming on the horizon.

M3 Scout Transport - Flames Of War

They were also used to dash forward through oncoming machine gun fire, unleashing rounds back at their foes before a small party could disembark and charge the targetted position. I think someone else can have that job...sounds far too dangerous to me.

What do you make of the new releases coming up for Flames Of War?

"I think someone else can have that job...sounds far too dangerous to me..."

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