Strike From The Skies With New Flames Of War Booklets

November 1, 2019 by brennon

Some new Booklets have now been released by the folks at Battlefront Miniatures for use in Flames Of War. This time around we're looking to the skies as paratroopers fall from the skies to strike at key strategic points on the battlefield.

All American - Flames Of War

"America has entered the war and its newest branch of the army, the airborne divisions, are ready for action. Every paratrooper is a volunteer, equipped with the best equipment US industry can provide. Each paratrooper is a keenly honed weapon poised to strike at the heart of the enemy, trained to operate as a deadly team."

As well as the Americans coming in with their paratrooper volunteers, looking to get stuck in and strike at the heart of the enemy you've also got the grim and determined Fallschirmjäger for the Axis.

Death From Above - Flames Of War

"The Fallschirmjäger are Germany’s elite volunteer paratroops and amongst the finest troops in the German armed forces.The elite Fallschirmjäger are more than capable of stopping the best the Allied armies can throw at them, whether fighting in the deserts of North Africa, in the Greek Islands, across the mountains of Sicily and Italy or the swamps and forests of the wintery Eastern Front."

As well as the booklets which you can see above which provide you with little elements to help tweak your force, there are also a good bundle of options in plastic for the American, German and Italian forces that you might find fitting well into this period.

There are a lot of plastic kits for you to check out plus some Direct Only options too. Check them all out HERE.

Will you be snapping up these booklets and some of the model releases?

"There are a lot of plastic kits for you to check out plus some Direct Only options too..."

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