US Fighters & Quick Moving Support For Flames Of War

August 15, 2019 by brennon

Some new options have been added into the mix this week for those playing the US in Flames Of War. Battlefront Miniatures is sticking to the skies first off with the introduction of the P-47 Thunderbolt Flight.

P-47 Thunderbolt Flight - Flames Of War

The Allied forces held the skies during the Late War and that meant that fighters like the P-47 Thunderbolt could operate with a lot more freedom. They were able to bring destruction to their enemies with bombs, machineguns and even high-velocity anti-tank rockets. It would have been a fairly scary time knowing that these were flying around in the skies above the battlefield.

Mobile Artillery

Keeping the skies clear when needed however you also have the Self-Propelled AAA Platoon models.

Self-Propelled AAA Platoon - Flames Of War

As with most of their anti-aircraft guns they had other uses beyond watching the skies. If you so desired you could turn these towards fortifications and entrenched positions and absolutely blast it with fire, scattering even the hardiest of soldiers.

A similar benefit was seen when using the Armoured 81mm Mortar Platoons. These mounted mortar platforms meant that you could move and fire with the infantry as they advanced, covering them when needed, protected by the armoured shell of your half-track in turn.

Armoured 81mm Mortar Platoon - Flames Of War

As a whole, this meant that the American forces in Normandy, France and beyond were very mobile and could keep the Germans in retreat, harassing them at every opportunity.

Trooper Support

You can also find the 81mm Mortar Platoon in the mix when it comes to the releases from this week.

81mm Mortar Platoon - Flames Of War

This gives you a more stationary option for calling in ordinance on the enemy but thanks to the improved communication options available to commanders during the Late War period they were able to do with a lot more accuracy!

Additionally, if you're looking to get stuck into D-Day with the Germans then Pre-Orders are now being taken for their range.

What do you make of the new options?

"It would have been a fairly scary time knowing that these were flying around in the skies above the battlefield..."

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