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    So the Carnivale stuff sits over the ruins like a terrain russian doll?

    That’s a great idea 💡



    That’s the plan. Subject to my crafting skills.



    Very much enjoyed the 2023 with the pledges helping me to keep on track. This year:


    Paint all of my wild west terrain.

    Paint or sell more than I buy (as per Lawnor) and get below 50 unpainted models from 95. This includes new models being printed.

    Print and paint monster STLs x 18

    print and paint a WW1 trench system

    print and paint models for wierd world 1 skirmish game. x 5

    Print and paint troll stls. x 11

    Print and paint skeleton force

    Print and paint late romans and greek pelasts

    Complete the game vampire the masquarde Chapters

    Print off and paint stls for dont look back and buy the book

    This year Im looking at playing the following miniature games:

    * Vertwood

    * Hail Ceasar

    * Doggerland Front

    * Dont Look Back

    * Forbidden Psalms: Last War

    * Frostgrave

    Thanks for the motivation






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    Happy to help.  This really saved me at the end there.  I was on target to paint more than I gained, but Black Friday landed me with 33 extra models in December that I hadn’t planned for.  Holding myself accountable for this motivated me to paint 34 models in 22 days, crossing the finish line with 2 days to spare.  I’ve never have got all that done otherwise.



    My project has been delayed due to the unexpected demise of my laptop. Fortunately I keep backups, but there was stuff I hadn’t backed up that I wanted to recover… like my current RPG project including custom character sheets…

    Recovered most of the files… so I’ll try to get back to crafting my battlefield soon.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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