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Midwinter Minis, anybody watch him?

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    MWM I put in the middle of the road enjoyment level yeah.

    He has some good videos out there, and does good work.

    Valrak for sure. Agreed.

    I’m not keen on that Discourse either, just her style of video annoys me a little, though I have watched several of her videos now..


    Eons Of Battle I really enjoy. Proper nerdy guys but have a great charm about them, and funny with good skills etc.


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    I like him. He’s a bit like the Ed Sheeran of tabletop/minis youtube for me – his stuff is ok, and while I don’t particularly *dislike* it, it doesn’t get me excited either – but he stays on just the right side of doing-alright-but-still-charming-enough-not-to-be-an-utter-knob. I’ve seen it said here a bit: middle of the road feels like a great description.

    Then again, maybe I’ll think something different in a few months – when I first discovered his channel, I couldn’t stand Ninjon and his twitterings with Miniac. But – just like I didn’t like Friends or Frasier when I first saw them – I think getting to know the characters makes all the difference. I love “trapped under plastic” now and Ninjon almost always raises a smile.

    So, you know, these things aren’t set in stone.



    Valrak usually seems good natured, I don’t mind him, but I looked up Discourse Miniatures. That is an awful channel.


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    I find Discourse interesting.

    I’ve not been following her for long but I am in the strange place where I can’t really disagree with anything she says on a purely factual level but at the same time it’s already becoming the case that I’m recognising that 75% of every video is the same “but GW sucks” content.

    And yes, they are in a place where its a case that I love the product whilst not necessarily loving the producer: it’s starting to get a bit negative for the point of it.

    Not sure I would so far to go off and complain about her but I do find myself skipping over her videos more and more once I’m a minute in and can predict what the rest is going to turn into. Which is shame because I like the stuff she’s started doing about alternative systems but sifting through the “lol, GW bad how edgy” content is a tad tiring.



    We will have to agree to disagree – or disagree about agreeing when it comes to MM.

    But I am glad I am not alone about Valrak!



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Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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