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    On adding buildings for BT. the Sarna site actually has a load of PDFs for buildings that look very similar to the Hawk Games Cardboard ones…

    Also the “nicest” ones I’ve seen fro the games (designed to make the hex maps become 2.5D) are the ones from HexTech. They have a EBay store for the physical models, no idea if they sell those STL thingies. They ARE expensive (but well worth it in making your CityTech Battles just look amazingballs.

    HEXTECH – Trinity Cityscape Set – Epic 40k – Battletech – Scenery – 6mm – AT | eBay

    Edit after a quick search they DO sell the STL thingies (if you have one of those fancy fandangle 3D printers….

    HEXTECH STL’s | Steel Warrior Studios




    The Dropfleet card ones are a little on the page side. I already found them a bit large for Adeptus Titanicus too though. They are though perfectly functional and in terms of getting something that looks good to the table can’t be beaten.

    What are good options of individual hex terrain? I’m thinking about adding hex terrain to for a couple of the CGL new neoprene mats but haven’t quite found the right source yet. True playing in 2D works, but we find it too taxing at times to visualise everything.


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    I have played the minatures version of Battletech a few times, ( and of course alpha strike which is minatures orientated) , there is very little difference in game play, except it gives novice players a bit of an a cjance against vet players. Vet players myself included can almost visualise the best moves, reading the hexes and cover vs range for optimum shots, using normal mini terrain removes it. A couple of my old gaming group hated it because it wasn’t the Battletech they had memorised ( They hated the Clans and later tech as well, new wpns , mechs rules  huff huff, heresy play a game in a night  even though we don’t like recording anything heresy,)

    One of the biggest problem I’ve seen is trying to have scale height mech hills  I personally think it looks weird specially when you consider the ground scale as  in one hex is about 30 metres across .All you really need is the hex to represent the BT level. Talking about it the other day in the pub  it was suggested you use infinty style target silhouette to work out cover etc.



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    We had all our mechs on hex bases so linecof sight is pretty easy to judge on miniatures terrain but playing o  the hex boards makes the game a lot quicker and playing it on actual terrain doesn’t really add enough to nake it worthwhile



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    Some useful links


    Flechs Youtube Channel

    Painting Guide
    Unit Color Compendium

    Camospecs Online

    Search Home


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    I think I might have to look intp ways to mod STL’s, as I really wouldn’t mind being able to field my old MW4:M “Spector” variant of the Fafnir, all RAC’s & PPC’s…..

    2021-10-01 23.06.00


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    @torros , funny we didn’t find the minatures game version any slower , than standard BT, but that could be down to our players taking ages to find the optimum hex to move to, which isn’t so easy to do on a standard minatures game. Interestingly noticed that ‘Death from Above’ a YouTube gaming review group do their demo games on a minatures not hex set up.

    It’s not bad on the quick look I have had so far   but reckon John and Justin will do it better.



    I have already ordered Clan Fire Star but if I can I might pick up some IS Lance pack as well. It’s just that with IS Lance packs I want half mechs in those. For example from IS Heavy Lance as DC player I am interested from Centurion and Grasshopper but not from Hatchetman and Banshee.


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    So consistent2021-10-08 18.22.43 scaling might be an issue with 3d prints…..


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    I know that this will probably make gamers of a certain vintage come out in hives, but I’m sorely tempted by this guys take on the Hades tripod super-heavy


    The seller is asking £60 a print but that gets you all 7 torso variants….


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    60GBP for a 3D print is a steep price. The sculpt looks cool though

Viewing 11 posts - 106 through 116 (of 116 total)

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