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[unofficial weekender] Dungeonalia Dungeon Deep Dive

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    @warzan – a collab game would be awesome! Does the project system support multiple users? I might just start a project anyway and write up as much as I’ve come up with; it’s all very conceptual at the minute, and fluid.

    But already, it could be quite promising.
    (ok, enough chat, off to hit the projects system)


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    @blinky465 Sorry to hear that. I hope you get some time this weekend to relax and process it.


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    @warzan – and anyone else who would like to get involved – I started a project blog here:

    Ghosts and Goblins

    At the minute it’s just a brain dump of ideas.
    If anything comes to you, just drop a comment and we can find a way to mash them all together and try to consolidate them into something that looks like a set of rules to play the game by!


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    Very sorry to hear that @blinky465 and very sorry for your loss.

    Hope you manage to find to time to process it and relax too.


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    @blinky465 as the others I’m very sorry for your loss. Especially at this time of year. If there’s anything I can do for you let me know.



    @blinky465 sorry for your loss.



    A terrain board with buildings can get expensive with plastic and MDF, so papercraft is useful for cheap quickly built terrain. You want an entire table with terrain, so the initial cost to cover the table can be quite high.

    Battle Systems’s printed punch-out and fold cardboard is a great next step from papercraft. It’s obviously more expensive than something from your inkjet, but you don’t have to paint it, and it looks good on the tabletop. I’m looking forward to their upcoming dungeon terrain, which can be used as ruins. I like their futuristic shantytown, for various post-apoc and sf games. (Game tiles are Terra Tiles by Ravenkeep.)

    Sorry to hear about your loss, Blinky.




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    @ced1106 – I wasn’t too sure when I saw these when they were launched, but your photo shows they look superb! Really nice looking setup!

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. It all still feels a bit unreal atm.


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    Apologies for being late to this particular party. It’s probably too late to do a pledge, but I’m going to try to finish up some Shatterpoint minis to clear the decks for my Dungeonalia project.

    Dungeons for any other setting than SciFi. Is it a thing? Does it work?

    There is a scene in Batman Begins where Batman fights a bunch of crooks in a maze of shipping containers. Could be considered a dungeon, although possibly not a very interesting one.

    A warren of back alleys and side streets could be interesting, and would fit into virtually any time period. Think of the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indy chases Marion in the basket.

    Dungeonalia – what’s your entry in the contest?

    It’s also a bit of an early spring cleaning challenge — two years ago I received the Core Space: First Born Kickstarter bundle, and after opening it up and looking at it, it promptly went on a shelf, never to be looked at again. I’m going to try to paint up all the figures and see how far through the campaign I can get by March.

    Papercraft terrain – Lazy way of DIY or high skill building but on a different plane of existence?

    Well, I won a Golden Button for what was largely a papercraft terrain project, so I may be a little biased 😉

    Seriously though, I go back and forth on papercraft vs. MDF or resin/plastic terrain. I like building MDF kits, but I hate painting them. I’ve recently been painting the plastic terrain that comes with Star Wars: Shatterpoint, and I have to say I’m having most of the same issues that I have with MDF.

    Given its fragile nature, I will generally use papercraft kits for one-off games, where I can’t justify investing in something more substantial, and I don’t think I’ll use the terrain again. That said, my Dracula project started out with a bunch of papercraft buildings I had built for a different project and stored for several years.

    I keep looking at the bins of paper terrain I have and thinking that I should just recycle the ones I don’t think I’ll need again (I can always print and build new ones later). My wife says I should donate them to the local game shop, but then we’re back to the fragility issue — I can’t see a paper building lasting long in a game store/club environment.

    When I first made the switch from Heroclix to “proper” tabletop gaming I bought a few of the Battle Systems kits — they seem like a happy medium in that they’re more robust than papercraft, easy to store, and you can build different things with them, but on the other hand, setup can take forever.

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)

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