Have A Bash At Ironball In Freebooter’s Fate

November 17, 2017 by brennon

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Freebooter's Fate is a game of Fantasy piratical adventure but there's a new scenario you might want to try out with your crews. Have a crack at Ironball.

Ironball Box

This scenario pack for Freebooter's Fate adds a dose of sports to the tabletop as you'll be duking it out with this simple rules set and contending with the braying crowd. I can't imagine cannon balls are very nice on poor human flesh and bone.

Ironball Gameplay

As well as the scenario pack itself there's also a special miniature that has been sculpted up to support the game. Here we have La Pelotera who, well...you'll see.

La Pelotera

As a mercenary, she can fight for all manner of different crews and comes with those iron balls which she uses to great effect when stuck in to the fighting. They can be slipped into games of Ironball under the nose of the referee to give you a bit of a leg up.

She can also cheer on the crowd to give you a bonus too which in turn may lead to some interesting events. The miniature is certainly...overt...but it's quite funny I have to say.

Will you be giving Ironball a go?

"I can't imagine cannon balls are very nice on poor human flesh and bone..."

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