New Swashbucklers Set Sail For Freebooter’s Fate

February 10, 2016 by brennon

Freebooter Miniatures have two more characters ready to hit the deck and start swashbuckling for their piratical game. We have both Swallow and Tipo Duros with blades and flintlocks at the ready for some good old fashioned scuffling...


First we have the dangerous looking Swallow who is armed with all manner of guns and a well hidden sword. She looks like she's ready for a scrap and will fight for anyone as a mercenary.

Swallow #1

" the same time she drew one of the pistols hidden in her boots, cocked it, and held it right between the eyes of the trembling, pasty-faced young man she had pulled into the room and pushed flat on his back."

Swallow #2

I really like this model as it has something of the Assassin's Creed: Black Flag about it. Maybe it would be fun to see Freebooter work on an alternative model of her looking a bit more action packed though?

Tipo Duros

Following on from Swallow we have this chap, Tipo Duros, and his Mastins. If you want to make sure that your enemy is busy running away what better way to do that then unleash the hounds?

Tipo Duros

This chap is a specialist for the Imperial Armada and while he is a deadly killer in his own right the ability to send his hounds on the attack makes him a dangerous individual. Those pooches aren't going to be quelled with a quick tickle under the chin!


You can see the other dog over on the links above. I think this is a really characterful set and it would be nice to see it painted up as I can't quite make out some of the detail on Tipo himself. I'd also like to see Swallow painted up as well!

What do you think of these new sets?

"First we have the dangerous looking Swallow who is armed with all manner of guns and a well hidden sword..."

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