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Border Wars: Under A Reiver Moon


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Grab More Border Wars Miniatures From Flags Of War On Kickstarter


Flags Of War are back on Kickstarter once again with another project helping to expand the range of miniatures available for their 28mm Historical wargame, Border Wars: Under A Reiver Moon.

Build Up Your Garrison Troops For Flags Of War’s Border Wars


Flags Of War are on Kickstarter right now (for a couple more days!) with a new campaign focused on bringing some Garrison Troops to the tabletop. You are going to be able to scoop up some neat STL Files allowing you to build both English and Scottish troops for Border Wars: Under A Reiver Moon.

Unboxing: Border Wars – Mounted Border Reivers | Flags of War


Gerry dives into another Border Wars: Under A Reiver Moon unboxing. This time, he reviews the 28mm metal Mounted Border Reivers that you can pick up from Flags Of War to use alongside your raiding warband.

Unboxing: Border Wars – Fighting Irish Clan | Flags of War


Dive into a new Border Wars: Under A Reiver Moon Unboxing as Gerry has a look at the 28mm Historical miniatures from Flags Of War for the Fighting Irish Clan.

Unboxing: Border Wars – Border Reivers On Foot | Flags of War


Gerry takes a look at more of the Historical miniatures coming out of Flags Of War for Border Wars: Under A Reiver Moon. In this Unboxing, Gerry gives a review of the Reivers On Foot, a full family of fighters that are looking to strike across the border between England and Scotland. 

Community Spotlight: Lamenting The Lamenters, Border Reivers & Miller Miniatures


In this week's Community Spotlight, we're having a look at some grimdark brutality, some Border Reivers and a bit of Ian Miller inspired hobby.

Cult Of Games XLBS: A Relaxed Return & Ready For Hobby!


In this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, the team discuss the best of Star Trek and after embracing a weekend of relaxation, they are ready to dive into some of the hobby as we see what folks have been getting up to in different wargaming worlds.

The Barons’ War Goes On Crusade – Brilliant New Miniatures For Historical Wargaming! #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! If you're into Historical Wargaming, you'll want to watch this episode. We dive into loads of games and ranges including seeing The Barons' War go on Crusade with the new Outremer supplement from Footsore Miniatures & Games. 

Battletech Mercenaries! NEW Big Mechs For Hire In Resurgent Wargame & Undead Unearthed #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! This week, Warren gets into the Spring Clean Challenge by unearthing a cemetery's worth of undead fiends for gaming with his kids and the Battletech Mercenaries provide some big guns and more for the hard Sci-Fi tabletop wargame.

The Fighting Irish Join The Border Wars From Flags of War


Last year Flags of War launched a successful campaign to bring the Border Wars to the tabletop Under a Reiver Moon and now a new faction arrives as the Irish come prepared for war.

The Highlands Rebel With DecoQuest’s New Terrain Project


DecoQuest Workshop is in the home straight for their latest Kickstarter campaign and this time they've left the fantasy and science-fiction genres behind to explore the Highlands of Scotland in the 13th Century with a whole range of printable terrain.

Unboxing: Border Wars – Border Reivers | Flags Of War


Join us for an Unboxing of the new Historical 28mm Border Reiver miniatures that you can get as part of the Border Wars: Under A Reiver Moon wargaming Kickstarter from Flags Of War. 

Is That Blackadder?! Hot New Historical Wargaming Border Reivers Hits Kickstarter #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! We get a look at a hot new Historical Wargame from the folks at Flags Of War. Border Wars: Under A Reiver Moon has you taking on the role of Reiver families kicking ass on the border between England and Scotland.

Flags Of War Bring Border Wars Wargame To Kickstarter!


Flags Of War has hit up Kickstarter with their new miniature wargame, Border Wars: Under A Reiver Moon! Delve into some 16th Century skirmishes with a new set of rules AND some miniatures to go alongside them.

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