The Fighting Irish Join The Border Wars From Flags of War

March 29, 2023 by avernos

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Last year Flags of War launched a successful campaign to bring the Border Wars to the tabletop Under a Reiver Moon and now a new faction arrives as the Irish come prepared for war.

bw_fighting_irish_flags of war

Fighting Irish // Flags of War

The 16th Century in Ireland was a very turbulent time with battles between rival clans as well as various rebellions against the English. During this period many of the Reiver families were sent to Ireland to help in the fight against the Irish. The Irish were renowned raiders themselves and can be used in seas raids against the Borders. This box includes an Irish chieftain along with his Gallowglass bodyguard and their support troops the Kerns.

The O'Neill

Hugh O’Neill, Earl of Tyrone and the last inaugurated chief of the O’Neills. Dungannon was at the eye of an international political storm from 1594 to 1603, during which time The O’Neill would lead mighty armies, would win and lose battles, and create problems for at least four monarchs. He's a good-looking fellow on the back of his horse. Of course, he doesn't have to be The O'Neill in your merry band of cutthroats but he certainly has a presence about him.


Throughout the Middle Ages in Ireland, gallowglass troops were maintained by Gaelic Irish and Hiberno-Norman lords alike. Even the English Lord Deputy of Ireland usually kept a company of them in his service. In return for military service, gallowglass contingents were given land and settled in Irish lordships, where they were entitled to receive supplies from the local population. By 1512, there were reported to be fifty-nine groups throughout the country under the control of the Irish nobility. Though initially they were mercenaries, over time they settled and their ranks became filled with both Scots-Norse and many native Irish men.

These sculpts are reminiscent of Albrecht Durer's early 16th Century sketches and show the power of the fighters who carved a bloody swathe practically unchanged through four centuries of warfare.


Kerns were light troops who relied on speed and mobility, often utilising lightning strike tactics as a force multiplier to engage much larger formations. Kerns notably accompanied bands of mercenary gallowglasses as their light infantry forces, where the gallowglass filled the need for heavy infantry. These troops made up the bulk of the forces and often considerably outnumbered the core of Gallowglass.

All of the figures have been beautifully designed and are mainly cast as one-piece metals, with shields and spears separate. I really love the range of figures that have been produced for the Border Wars and these can easily be used for a broad span of skirmish games including moving the reiving from the Marches to the Tudor conquests in Ireland and even Irish clan fights. Definitely worth checking out if you fancy a new period.

"All of the figures have been beautifully designed...worth checking out if you fancy a new period. "

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