The Highlands Rebel With DecoQuest’s New Terrain Project

March 28, 2023 by avernos

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DecoQuest Workshop is in the home straight for their latest Kickstarter campaign and this time they've left the fantasy and science-fiction genres behind to explore the Highlands of Scotland in the 13th Century with a whole range of printable terrain.

Highland Rebellion // DecoQuest Workshop

Mathieu is a fan of Braveheart and it shows with this beautiful range of terrain that can be used to construct villages, palisade encampments, or combine both into a defended settlement.

Highland Rebellion All in

While the set is based on Braveheart the walls and buildings would work across Scotland, Ireland, and the surrounding islands at the very least, and cover over a thousand years while they're at it. It means this is an incredibly versatile collection of terrain for historical gaming alone nevermind dropping them into fantasy games.

The set has been designed to use the Open-Lock system and has been test printed to work on FDM printers with no supports. That probably means resin printers should be good to go without an issue also, but what do I know.

There's a lot of internal detailing Mathieu has put into the buildings and the scatter terrain, I particularly enjoy the hiding place inside the haystack in case you want to do some hidden objective scenarios, and the detail has been textured in a robust way to allow you to drybrush it for quick painting without losing or missing any of it.

There are several pledge levels for backers from a pay-what-you-want pledge that contains all the walls and fences, to the all-in pledge for everything which by now has grown considerably with the stretch goals some of which you can see above and below.

While the siege tower has a touch of the fantastical to it, it's still a remarkable piece and will be required by some as the final stretch goal has been unlocked and he will be turning his hand to producing a castle for the governor based on Eilean Donan castle from the western highlands. That should be an incredible site when he's finished.

There is less than a week if you fancy getting involved in liberating some Scottish villages which would be perfect for the border reivers as well.

Maybe play some SAGA for example

"work across Scotland, Ireland, and the surrounding islands at the very least, and cover over a thousand years while they're at it"

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