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Catan Preserves Our Future In New Crop Trust Scenario


The Catan team has joined forces with the Crop Trust to design a new semi-cooperative scenario for those playing this stalwart of the board game world. 

Asmodee Digital brings Tabletop Gaming to the Nintendo Switch


Get excited, as the greatest alliance since Daenerys and John finally got down and dirty is arriving in time for Christmas.

We Are The Watchers: FFG Announces A Game Of Thrones Catan Expansion


The night is dark and full of...mammoths?!

Weekender XLBS: Dusting Off Your Old Tabletop Games


Welcome to a plague-ridden episode of Weekender XLBS. I'm sure that Grandfather Nurgle is going to be kind to his sufferers...err...I mean, gifted individuals.

CATAN Returns With Rise Of The Incas This Year


As a bit of board game news, for those who love the classic CATAN, you might have something new to take a peek at with Rise Of The Incas coming later this year.

FFG Release A Game Of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood Of The Watch


Fantasy Flight have once again taken Catan to Westeros, but now we head to the frozen north in A Game of Thrones Catan: Brotherhood of the Watch.

FFG Take Heroes From Game Of Thrones CATAN


Fantasy Flight Games have been showing off A Game of Thrones CATAN: Brotherhood Of The Watch. Their latest focus is on the hero cards which have been thrown into the mix.

Catan Settles The World Of VR With New Developer


The popular board game Settlers of Catan is being converted into a virtual reality format.

Let’s Play: Settlers of Catan


I'll trade you a sheep for a click!

FFG Take Catan To Westeros With Brotherhood Of The Watch


Fantasy Flight Games are taking on the world of Catan with their Game Of Thrones themed version called Brotherhood Of The Watch.

Ace Collector’s Hardwood Catan Board From Thinking Monk Studios


If you're a huge fan of Catan or know someone that is, you need to check out the beautiful Kickstarter from Thinking Monk Studios. Their Collectors Hardwood Catan Board project is a stunning, playable Catan surface that will not only look beautiful on your table but will add to the theme of your game.

Adepticon To Host Regional Qualifier For 2017 Catan National Championship


Get ready to build roads, trade rock and grow armies in some epic games of Settlers of Catan at Adepticon next month! Players can compete in a regional qualifier for the Catan National Championship and see if they can move on to the Nationals at Origins.

Settlers of Catan Heads to the Big Screen!


With everything from Ouija boards to Battleship getting turned into movies, it was only a matter of time before cinema's attention turned to one of the world's most popular board games. Now it looks like Settlers of Catan is heading to the big screen.

TableTop Episode II: The Settlers of Catan! Have you Got Wood?


Check out Wil Wheaton and guests playing The Settlers of Catan on TableTop Episode II!

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