Limited Edition CATAN 3D Coming Back To The Tabletop

February 27, 2020 by brennon

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It was revealed this week that a Limited Edition version of board game classic CATAN which features 3D game components is going to be coming back to the tabletop. With existing versions of the game reportedly selling for somewhere around the $300 mark it seems like the publisher has decided to bring it back to the market in an updated state.

CATAN 3D Prototype

This prototype version above shows off how lavish this version of CATAN is going to be. As well as featuring a lovely game board which makes the mountains and lowlands stand out you will also get a bunch of 3D components too. So, your towns, cities and roads are all designed to stand out on the tabletop too.

This take on the game will feature hard plastic components rather than resin which should lower the price tag significantly. The water tiles around the outside will be made of the same material as the interior tiles and the ports are little ships with their available goods mounted on them!

CATAN is quite the old warhorse of the board gaming world and whilst a lot of people consider it to have grown a bit weary, you can't deny that it is still a good game for getting people invested in the hobby. It's older mechanics makes it a nice way to step from the likes of Monopoly and such into something a bit more nuanced.

If you're a big fan of CATAN I could see this being a lovely present to receive. 

"If you're a big fan of CATAN I could see this being a lovely present to receive..."

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