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Halo: Flashpoint


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Hail Caesar Epic Battles! Are Warlord Games New Ancient Miniatures A Must Have? #OTTWeekender

3 months ago 22

It's OTTWeekender time! Hail Caesar from Warlord Games is getting the Epic Battles treatment. We have a look at the brand-new plastic miniatures revealed at Salute and discuss the options for Historical wargamers diving into the Punic Wars period. There are some great new epic-scale Romans on the way alongside Carthaginians and Gauls.

Halo: Flashpoint Pre-Orders Live, Elites & Gameplay Mechanics Teased!

4 months ago 4

Mantic Games has revealed more details for their upcoming Halo Sci-Fi miniatures game, Halo: Flashpoint! Setting two elite Fireteams against each other, Halo: Flashpoint will get two (yes, two!) sets for you to choose from when it comes to diving into the game. 

First Halo: Flashpoint Miniatures Revealed! Are Mantic Games On To A Winner? #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! The first miniatures have been revealed for Mantic Games' Halo: Flashpoint miniatures game. Are Mantic on to a winner with their newly announced tabletop miniatures game which pits Spartans against Spartans in classic Halo multiplayer battles?

Mantic Reveal First Miniatures For Halo: Flashpoint Game


Mantic Games has revealed the first 32mm scale miniatures for their upcoming Halo skirmish game in partnership with 343 Industries! Are you starting to get a little bit excited about the idea of Spartan Vs Spartan Sci-Fi deathmatches on the tabletop?

Halo Back On The Tabletop! The Iconic Video Game Gets Another Chance With Mantic! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we explore the exciting news that Mantic has teamed up with 343 Industries to bring Halo to the tabletop. The new 40mm miniatures game is going to be focused on the multiplayer side of the Halo video games and that has us very intrigued as to where it will go!

Mantic Team Up With 343 For New Halo Miniatures Game!


Mantic Games has announced that they are going to be working with 343 Industries on a new Halo tabletop game that will be launching directly to retail in September 2024!

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