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Halo: Ground Command


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Drop Into Battle With New UNSC & Covenant Packs From Spartan Games


Spartan Games continue to grow their Halo: Ground Command range with some new releases for February. These new packs have a sense of tactical mastery about them as your troops drop in from the skies.

New Blister Packs Available For Spartan’s Halo Ground Command


Spartan Games are putting together a selection of Blister Packs for Halo: Ground Command and within this selection we're taking a look at some of the new models for both the UNSC and the Covenant!

Community Spotlight: Daemons, Aliens & A Deadly Scourge


We're checking out all manner of awesome new painting projects from the community again and they'll blow your mind!

Spartan Games Next Dystopian Legion Kickstarter On Hold?


Spartan Games has heard you and have an announcement about their upcoming Kickstarter.

Spartan Roll Out The Scorpion & Wraith For Halo: Ground Command


Set for release sometime in October some more additions to the forces of the UNSC and Covenant are hitting the tabletop from Spartan Games for Halo: Ground Command.

Weekender: TTCombat Mega Terrain Prize & White Dwarf Back With A Bang


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Spartan Show Off New Terrain & Support Units For Halo Ground Command


Spartan Games have shown off some of the new products coming this September for Halo: Ground Command. New support options and terrain are on the way this month.

Spartan’s Halo Ground Command Miniatures Painted Up!


Spartan Games have now shown off the full contents of the Halo: Ground Command, Battle For Reach Two Player Set and they are beautifully painted!

Spartan Games Unveil The Halo: Ground Command Cover


Spartan Games are moving deeper into the Halo world with Ground Command and have just revealed the cover art for both the rule book and the two player starter set that are heading our way.

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Spartan Talk Army Building In Halo: Ground Command


Spartan Games have been talking more about the way in which their upcoming game, Halo: Ground Command, is coming together.

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Dropships For The Covenant & UNSC Join Halo: Ground Command Soon


The Covenant & UNSC are going to be clashing on the tabletop soon this summer as Spartan Games look ahead to the release of Halo: Ground Command.

Spartan Games Land You In The Action With Halo Pelican Dropship


Spartan Games took a sneaky pic of one of their prototype Pelican Dropships that will be making their way into Halo: Ground Command over the summer.

Weekender: Exclusive Halo Ground Command Interview & Flames Of War Heads To The Pacific


Welcome to the Weekend of Halo Ground Command, The Hunt For Red October Board Game and Win yourself a big Battlefront Premium Painted Terrain prize!

Halo: Ground Command Announced By Spartan Games


Spartan Games have announced the coming of a game based in the Halo-verse. This will be Halo: Ground Command which is a 15mm (1:100th) battle game where you'll be able to use all the classic Halo vehicles the UNSC and the Covenant have to offer.

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