Spartan Show Off New Terrain & Support Units For Halo Ground Command

September 5, 2016 by brennon

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Spartan Games have shown off some of the new products coming this September for Halo: Ground Command. We'll kick things off with the new support options coming to each faction and delve into the Covenant first!

Covenant Hunters Box

The big lumbering Hunters are the first of the new offerings for the Covenant. They were always a fantastic part of the Covenant army to fight against in the Halo games, well, until you could jump behind them and pop them in the back with a pistol (in Halo: Combat Evolved at least).

Next up we have two different types of Ghost. The first are the Vanguard...

Covenant Vanguard Ghost Box

...which features Elites driving these Ghosts into battle. The other Ghost options come with Grunt drivers as a Scout option.

Covenant Scout Ghost Box

You'll soon have a small fleet of these Ghosts hovering around the battlefield and picking off Marines from all angles as they zip around your flanks. A frightening prospect.

Looks More Like A Puma...

Big kudos if you get that little reference above but yes, we're welcoming the Warthogs to the battlefield for the UNSC.

UNSC Warthog Box

These Warthogs come with a bunch of different options including a Gauss Cannon, Rocket Launcher and of course a Chaingun too. Picking up a few of these would help to combat the Ghost fleet coming to attack you!

Terrain & Defences

As well as these options for your army they have also designed two new Terrain Sets. First up we have the Covenant Scenery Pack...

Covenant Scenery Box

It comes with some of the familiar defensive wall sections and the energy shields that you'd see on the battlefield in the video game. You also have some neat objective pieces and weapon caches too which will help with set dressing.

The UNSC get a similarly awesome set of terrain.

UNSC Scenery Box

Big blast shields that could house gun emplacements and loads of crates and boxes too will give you some much needed cover. You could make some neat bases with these which each army is trying to attack.

What do you think?

"...we're welcoming the Warthogs to the battlefield for the UNSC"

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