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Through the Breach


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Wyrd Previews Karai Ankoku For New The Other Side Starter Set


Wyrd has most recently announced that there will be some crossovers with characters in The Other Side and Malifaux, providing two sets of cards to enable them to be in play for both games. Last week, Wyrd previewed the newest character from the list to be released in the new Starter Set for The Other Side, who is also playable in Malifaux too. 

Play As The Monsters In Through The Breach Expansion


Through The Breach is the roleplaying game by Wyrd Games which is set within the twisted world of Malifaux.

Wyrd Games Talk Easter Sales & Promotional Goodies


Wyrd Games has been getting into the Easter spirit as well and talking about what is going to be dropped for the 2020 season.

A Quilin Gallops Through The Breach Of Wyrd’s Obsidian Gate


Wyrd Games have a new adventure for their RPG Through The Breach, taking you to the foot of The Obsidian Gate. 

Wyrd Introduces The Gremlins’ Whiskey Gamin In Backdraft


The Gremlins of Malifaux will not be outdone as they've discovered the perfect little critters to smuggle their moonshine in Through The Breach. Check out the Whiskey Gamin in Backdraft, their latest story encounter box.

Wyrd’s Devouring Eels Feel A Little Peckish


Wyrd Games have unveiled one of the most disturbing creatures to join the Gibbering Hordes of The Other Side; the Devouring Eel.

Wyrd Bring Eternal Punishment In The Form Of The Wanyudo


Wyrd Games have previewed another of The Undying box. This time they are taking something terrifying from Japanese folklore; the Wanyudo.

Wyrd Games Raise Up The Graves Themselves As A Shambling Golem


Wyrd Games are continuing their look at the upcoming Undying box for Through the Breach and Malifaux. The Resurrectionists have learned a new trick as they raise up the tombs themselves to form a Grave Golem.

Wyrd Shows Off Minako Rei & Katashiro Of The Undying Box


Through the Breach is the RPG dive into Malifaux, from Wyrd Games, and they're showing off the fantastic new Undying Story Encounter Box. This week, it's a look at Minako Rei and Katashiro.

Wyrd Take A Look At The Resurrectionists In The Undying Adventure Box


Wyrd Games are preparing to release The Undying, a new Story Encounter & Adventure Box for Through the Breach and Malifaux and have given us our first look at the Resurrectionists within it.

Become A Soulstone Aficionado In Through The Breach


Another advanced pursuit for Through the Breach's Above The Law has been revealed by Wyrd; the Soulstone Aficionado.

Wyrd Shows Off The Witchling Handler


Wyrd Games makes it awfully difficult to resist taking the plunge into their Malifaux based RPG, Through the Breach. This week, they tip their hand and tell us all about the Witchling Handler.

The Barbed Crawlers Hunt In The Other Side


Wyrd Games have previewed the grunt troops of the Gibbering Horde in The Other Side, the Barbed Crawlers.

Is An Executioner Above The Law? The Latest for Through The Breach


It would seem the Guild of Through The Breach are getting a new killing machine- a human one. The Executioner is a new advanced pursuit heading into the RPG world of Malifaux in Wyrd's latest expansion, Above the Law.

Abyssinia’s Basotho Cavalry Gallop To The Other Side


The Abyssinian Empire gets some new fast moving troops in Wyrd's latest Other Side preview; the skilled riders of the Basotho Cavalry.

Wyrd’s Propagandist Shouts About Through The Breach


They say words are a dangerous tool, and no one knows this better than the latest Through the Breach Social Pursuit Wyrd have previewed, the Propagandist.

Wyrd’s Gunner Starts The Week With A Lot of Bangs!


Wyrd have previewed the latest of the new professions appearing in the upcoming Through the Breach supplement, Above the Law. This time it looks as though we're heading for something far less subtle as the Gunner prepares to start shootin'.

Malisaurus Rex Looms In Wyrd’s Latest Penny Dreadful One Shot


The latest Penny Dreadful One Shot for Wyrd Games' Through the Breach RPG takes us into the Wildlands, in Jurassic Faux. The seems the elusive Malisaurus Rex is hungry...

Wyrd Make Friends With The Bureaucrat Career


Another new career path is opening in Wyrd's Through The Breach. Get ready to make some friends as a Bureaucrat.

Sometimes Even The Guild Allow Magic In Through The Breach


If you're a fan of the Guild in Through the Breach, but have always been a bit jealous of the magic available in the other factions, then get ready to be excited.

Your Pumpkin Carving Skills Could Win You Prizes From Wyrd


Wyrd Games is getting in the Halloween spirit with a good old-fashioned pumpkin carving contest. Carve a Wyrd theme into a gourd of your choice in their Get Gourd contest to win spooktacular prizes.

Enter A Creepy Malifaux Ghost Town With Plast Craft’s New Color-ED Terrain


Plast Craft are wandering through a creepy ghost town of ruined buildings with their latest Color-ED releases for Malifaux.

Through The Breach Takes To The Bayou In The Newest One Shot


The next Penny Dreadful One Shot- The Hand That Feeds, is available now for Wyrd Games' Through the Breach RPG. Explore the dangers of the Bayou in their latest tale.

Loads Of Malifaux & More At Adepticon This Year


All things Wyrd & wonderful are ramping up as Adepticon is getting closer. The Malifaux community has loads of great events planned for the con this year and plenty of demos for you to check out!

New Penny Dreadful One Shot From Wyrd On DriveThru RPG


Now you can explore Wyrd Game's Through the Breach RPG through the eyes of the Ten Thunders in their latest Penny Dreadful One Shot, Honor Among Thieves. You can pick up these quick and easy One Shots At DriveThru RPG to hop right into a game.

Into The Bayou Brings A New Pursuit Into Through The Breach


The Through The Breach RPG world of Malifaux from Wyrd Games is getting an expansion, Into the Bayou. Here players will get to explore the swamps of the Bayou and create their own Gremlins!

The Latest Wyrd Penny Dreadful Is Available For Through The Breach


Something Dreadful has been happening in the orphanage. Drop into the latest Penny Dreadful One Shot, Bad Blood, for Wyrd's Through the Breach and see if you can discover secret behind the disappearance of the children.

Wyrd’s Monday Preview Shows Off “Bully” For Through The Breach


Sometimes words will do the trick, and other times you might need someone to crack some skulls. Bully is Wyrd's answer to your problem with a real "hands on" approach to your dealings in Wyrd's Through the Breach.

A Wyrd Malifaux Q&A With Game Designer Aaron Darland


Dawn has had a chance to get inside the mind of Wyrd game designer, Aaron Darland, to discuss all things Wyrd. Follow along and learn about the world of Malifaux from one of Wyrd's finest.

New Penny Dreadful One Shot – Night Of The Carver From Wyrd


Things tend to get a little Wyrder in Malifaux as it draws nearer to All Hallow's Eve. Explore the dark side of Malifaux and the murderous night in October in the latest Penny Dreadful One Shot- Night of the Carver.

Wyrd’s Ghost Eater Harnesses Unimaginable Power In Through the Breach


Have you ever wanted to harvest the power of a soul stone without the stone? Wyrd's latest Pursuit in Through the Breach, the Ghost Eater, is able to harness the power of a soul and keep it to himself. How interesting!

A Grim Feast Discovered In Wyrd’s Through The Breach


The upcoming expansion for Through The Breach, Under Quarantine, has the spotlight on the Resurrectionists. Their "special diet" offers freakish buffers that can undeniably make a devastating difference to game play.

Wyrd Set To Launch Worldwide Malifaux Event


Wyrd Games have announced that they're going to be running a worldwide campaign for both Malifaux & Through The Breach called Nythera. As well as telling a story the winning factions will get to decide upcoming special models...

Wyrd Highlights Under Quarantine Expansion For Through The Breach


Gamers that enjoy the Malifaux RPG, Through the Breach, will be excited to hear of the latest preview from Wyrd Games. A new expansion is on the way in Under Quarantine, an expansion that will focus on the Ressurectionists.

Even More Malifaux Goodies Coming To Gen Con 2015!


Wyrd have shown off even more of the models coming out this year with a big focus on those that will be appearing at Gen Con for early release. With that in mind lets waste no time and dive in as there is quite a lot to check out...

The Brotherhood of The Rat Enters Malifaux Through The Breach


Wyrd's latest preview is a look into the sewers of Malifaux in the Brotherhood of the Rat set. Playable in both Through the Breach and Malifaux, this set offers the best of both worlds!

Wyrd’s Penny Dreadful One Shots Offer A Pick Up & Play Option For RPG


If you were ever looking for a quick way to hop into an RPG, Wyrd Games has just released a perfect opportunity! Their Through The Breach: Penny Dreadful One Shots will allow single session adventures that make for a quick and focused game, and often with pre-generated characters!

Check Out The Assembly Line Tarot For Wyrd’s Into The Steam


Wyrd Games have shown off another preview of what's happening with Into The Steam which is the expansion to Through The Breach. See what you think of the preview of the Assembly Line Tarot...

Wyrd’s Monday Preview Gives Us A Look Into The Illusionist


It is that time of the week again as Wyrd gives us the next preview, this time for Into the Breach RPG.

Wyrd’s Through the Breach RPG Goes Digital


Wyrd Miniatures and have teamed up again to bring more offerings digital.

Learn More About Motives In Malifaux With New Wyrd Preview


Learn more about the new Pursuits that are coming your way in Into the Steam which forms an expansion for Through the Breach, the Malifaux role-playing game.

Shapeshifters Move Into Wyrd’s Through The Breach RPG


Wryd's RPG, Through the Breach, will be seeing some versatile new faces in their expansion later this year- Shapeshifters! Into the Steam will continue the rich story line that comes to life in the RPG world of Malifaux.

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