Wyrd Games Raise Up The Graves Themselves As A Shambling Golem

February 20, 2018 by dracs

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Wyrd Games are continuing their look at the upcoming Undying box for Through the Breach and Malifaux. The Resurrectionists have learned a new trick as they raise up the tombs themselves to form a Grave Golem.

Grave Golem

The Grave Golem is formed from the earth of graveyard itself, holding in itself any number of sepulchre's, monuments, and innumerable human remains.

What's really scary about the Grave Golem is its speed. It might look slow, but this thing can sink into the earth and then reform itself around a corpse. I think my Nicodem crew might find a use for this...

How would you use this lumbering lich?

"Formed from the earth of graveyard itself..."

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