New Wyrd Titles Cooking Up For Through The Breach

March 30, 2022 by fcostin

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For those who have looked Through the Breach and loved the Wyrd and the wonderful foes and adventures harboured inside, you'll be happy to know that Wyrd has given us a sneak peek and a tease of what we can expect for the upcoming dark and twisted adventures.


Return-to-Innocence // Penny Dreadful

The first title to be announced will be exciting for those who have dipped into Wyrd's Penny Dreadfuls! Titled Penny Dreadful, Return to Innocence - players are heading to some familiar ground to conclude the very first Penny Dreadful that Wyrd released. They'll be able to dust off the adventure, with the chance to invite new players along the ride too in a new player-friendly environment.

This April, players will be headed back to Innocence, this has changed vastly since the first title, and there are new plots waiting to be unravelled in the southernmost contract town in Malifaux.


The Voyage Volume // Penny Dreadful Fully Loaded

Second to head to FLGS stores this year will be the first stack of adventures as part of Wyrd's Fully Loaded collection. Starting with The Voyage Volume, including six one-shot adventures which can normally be found digitally. However, they are heading to their first time in print cased in the upcoming collection. The adventures confirmed are: Badlands Invitational, The House That December Built, The Dead Tide, Voyage to the Moon, Into the Logic Engine and A Night in Hallow.

If you have been unsure about starting a long-term campaign with Through The Breach and want to make your way through some smaller adventures - this collection is a great place to get started. And will certainly be welcomed by Through The Breach Collectors to add to their libraries!


Through The Breach // Ten Thunders Expansion

Although these products are the only two with a deadline date on them to when we can expect them in stores, they have hinted at one more product that may tempt Malifaux players to explore their way Through The Breach. If you are a Ten Thunders fan, an upcoming RPG expansion is on the horizon, adding items, enemies, one-shots and much more. Although there is not much released on this upcoming book just yet, it certainly poses some questions about the upcoming Through the Breach releases!

That's two new products coming for the Wyrd RPG, and an insight into what we can expect. Now that we are seeing the Ten Thunders RPG expansion book, can we expect a deeper dive into all factions through a different format?

What do you think? Are you looking forward to what is coming up Through the Breach?

"If you are a Ten Thunders fan, an upcoming RPG expansion is on the horizon!"

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