Defend The Cities Of Sigmar With New Battletome & More

September 23, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop have strapped on their breastplates, donned their helmets and readied the banners as they look to introduce the Cities Of Sigmar into the mix for Age Of Sigmar next weekend as pre-orders go live for the new Battletome and more.

Cities Of Sigmar Battletome - Games Workshop

The new book is going to cover all of the different factions that have found refuge within the myriad Cities Of Sigmar throughout the Mortal Realms. This means as well as the traditional Empire soldiers now re-worked into servants of Sigmar as the Freeguild you'll also be battling alongside Duardin, Aelves, and the likes of the Scourge Privateers. Sigmar's reach is far and he has brought many from the Grand Alliance of Order into his employ.

Cities Of Sigmar Army - Games Workshop

As well as getting you started with revamped rules and some tweaks to make themed forces you'll also find some new entry points into the hobby as well with Start Collecting sets for the forces of Anvilgard and Greywater Fastness.

Cities Of Sigmar Start Collecting - Games Workshop

So, this gives you a good central point from which to them build up either a force themed after these Cities or one of your own creation. The cool thing about building a Cities Of Sigmar army is that it can include all sorts of interesting elements from across the range. It's really neat to see that a lot of the old plastic kits from Warhammer Fantasy Battles are finding a proper home although it would have been nice to see maybe one or two new models to start things off too.

Orruks On The Warpath

As well as the release of the new Cities Of Sigmar Battletome you'll also find that the Orruks have managed to band themselves together into one cohesive tome too with the new Orruk Warclans Battletome.

Orruk Warclans Battletome - Games Workshop

This new book brings together both the forces of Bonesplitterz and Ironjawz into one place so that you can either work on each of them individually or brought together into the Big Waaagh which will be thundering across the realms looking to despoil everything in its path.

As well as including the updated faction rules you'll also find the history of the Orruks throughout their time in the Mortal Realms and their role in the Soul Wars which affected them as much as the armies of Sigmar and Nagash.

The Rules

Finishing things off for the world of Age Of Sigmar we also have a new Gaming Book coming out from Games Workshop for those that don't want to worry about the fluff.

Age Of Sigmar Gaming Book - Games Workshop

Inside you'll find the Core, Pitched Battle, and Realm of Battle rules plus all of the Grand Allegiance abilities and thirty-one pitched-battle battleplans making it a key tome for those that want to just get stuck into the game during matched play bouts.

It's pretty nice to have another option for those who want to play without heaving around the big rulebook or need to find specific match play rules whilst in the midst of combat.

Will you be starting a new Cities Of Sigmar army?

"Will you be starting a new Cities Of Sigmar army?"

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