Dunland’s Wrath Falls On The Realm Of Rohan In Middle-earth SBG

December 9, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop has been showing off a few more of the new options coming to those who love the lure of Evil and the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. This weekend saw a preview of some new Dunlendings who are swarming to the banner of Saruman with promises of the destruction of Rohan.

Gorulf Ironskin Frida Tallspear & Wild Man Oathmaker - Middle-earth

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We lead with three characters, one of which you'll most likely be familiar with from the films. Gorulf Ironskin, Frida Tallspear and the Wild Man Oathmaker are going to be popping up in the mix as different leaders you can use when launching your raids against the people of Rohan.

Gorulf is a simple killing machine, armed with duel axes and ready to hack apart as many people as he can in combat. On the other side, Frida is an anti-cavalry leader who can use her spear and tactical knowledge to blunt even the most dangerous of charges. Finally, you have the Oathmaker who swore fealty to Saruman and can use his words to drive your other Dunlendings into a state of frenzy.

Specialist Warriors

As well as these new leaders taking charge of your raids you'll also find a new set of models to help add to your collection. I think a lot of folks will like the look of the Dunlending Huscarls. These warriors are clad in heavier amour and come with their mighty axes, ready to hack apart horses and men alike.

Dunlending Huscarls - Middle-earth

You've also got the Dunlending Cavalry who are certainly still a match for the horse-lords of Rohan. They are able to smash into the mix and cause all sorts of panic.

Dunlending Cavalry - Middle-earth

All of these models are looking rather cool indeed and it is good to see the Dunlendings getting a big update for their model collection. We saw very little of them in the films but they were just as much of a thorn in the side of the Rohirrim as the Uruk-Hai were. You could imagine these warriors joining forces with Saruman's creations to storm the walls of Helm's Deep.

Classic Dunlendings

As well as those new models above there are some options back in the mix from Games Workshop for you to pick up. Leading the way there is the returning model of Thyrdan Wolfsbane. He comes both mounted and unmounted for when you need a leader to take command of your assault.

Thyrdan Wolfsbane - Middle-earth

You can also now pick up some of the existing models that form the backbone of your Dunlending force. You've got the Warriors here...

Dunlending Warriors Warband - Middle-earth

...which come armed with axes, shields, double-handed axes and also bows. I want these as an alternative force of Dark Age warriors, nevermind as Dunlendings! That banner is going to be a pain to glue together I bet. You've also got the rabble that have been dragged from their huts in order to lay waste to Rohan in the form of the Wildmen set.

Wildmen Of Dunland - Middle-earth

All three of these model sets are available from Games Workshop right now as part of the release of War In Rohan. So, if you want to snap them up you should dive in and get your hands on some classic additions to the Middle-earth range.

Are you tempted by these new (and old) Dunlending models?

"Are you tempted by these new (and old) Dunlending models?"

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