Three Forge World Bounty Hunters Stalk Their Targets

February 23, 2019 by brennon

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Forge World has now put up for pre-order their band of surly Bounty Hunters for use in Necromunda and of course the wider world of Warhammer 40,000 if you so wished. First, we have Baertrum Arturos III.

Baertrum Arturos III Bounty Hunter - Forge World

"Not all Bounty Hunters are desperados, loners or venators. Baertrum Arturos the Third is a member of the Adjurators, the Guilds’ own private Order of hunters, concerned with the recovery of their own property and the reprimand of those responsible for taking it."

He looks like a proper badass that's for sure. You could imagine him carrying around all kinds of proclamations concerning those that he needs to hunt down and slay, or at least bring to justice anyway. I wonder how many mutants he ends up running into when he's wandering the Underhive?

Whilst this fellow looks relatively normal the next two Bounty Hunters are something drawn from the mind of John Blanche and would be very at home in something in Inquisitor28. Firstly we have the bloated Ortruum 8-8 Psi-hound Bounty Hunter.

Ortruum 8-8 Psi-hound Bounty Hunter - Forge World

"Ortruum 8-8 is the product of one of Lord Helmawr’s Psykanariums; inbred from the fractured genus of dozens of Psyker bloodlines to create a horrifying, yet potent psychic weapon. "

This fellow brings wyrds into the mix and offers up a chance to see how psychic powers might affect your game. I think he looks suitably weird and shows that Games Workshop and Forge World can still be inventive with their weird, heavy metal world.

Lastly, for the Bounty Hunters, we have Thaetos 23-2 Wyrdlock.

Thaetos 23-2 Wyrdlock Bounty Hunter - Forge World

"Thaetos, Imperial designation 23-2, was a Mutie wyrdling recovered from the depths of Bighole. Captured by Guild slavers and transformed into a living weapon, Thaetos went rogue, retreating into the underhive and offering his services for hire…"

Once again we have another psychic joining the ranks and you could imagine him being ever so slightly mad. He looks as messed up as the world of Warhammer 40,000 as a whole and perfect for a game of Necromunda.

What do you make of these new additions to the Necromunda roster?

"...something drawn from the mind of John Blanche and would be very at home in something in Inquisitor28"

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