Peter’s Paperboys Webstore Gets Up & Running With Paper Armies

December 6, 2018 by brennon

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The Peter's Paperboys webstore is now up and running, offering up paper armies for you to play out your Historical wargames on the tabletop.

Roman Commanders & Scorpion - Peter's Paperboys

The two main categories so far that have been added onto the webstore include the Caesarian Romans and a collection of different enemies of Rome too. The Romans not only have characters like these above and their war machines but also a range of units too which are all ready to get stuck into combat.

Red Plain Shield Infantry - Peter's Paperboys

All of the designs have been drawn by Peter Dennis who you might know as one of the artists who has influenced quite a bit of Historical tabletop gaming culture. You'll find his work across not only boxes of miniatures but also within rulebooks and more too.

White Wing Shield Infantry - Peter's Paper Boys

When it comes to the Enemies Of Rome we have plenty from Gaul and beyond including Parthia, Dacian and more too.

Commanders. Enemies & Caesar - Peter's Paperboys

As with the Romans there's plenty of characters up for grabs as well as the rank and file infantry that will then be supporting them on the tabletop.

Dacian Falxmen - Peter's Paperboys

I think this is a wonderful idea for tabletop gamers who don't want to spend a fortune. I think that many people would agree that Peter Dennis is a fine artist and the work he does makes for some evocative armies on the tabletop.

With so many of us being very busy, or just unable to really get paint to plastic this allows you to field massive armies with very little investment.

Germanic Cavalry - Peter's Paperboys

There are plenty of interesting options available to them and if we start to see them showing off some Dark Age armies then I will be on this like white on rice! Peter Dennis has also put together a tutorial video where he shows how easy it is to get these ready for the tabletop.

Make sure to give this a go and then go and check out the rules that they have for you to snap up by Helion & Company HERE. There's even some Terrain for you to snap up which would be great for a Roman clash during the Ancient period.

Are you tempted by the Paperboys?

"... if we start to see them showing off some Dark Age armies then I will be on this like white on rice!"

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