Closing In On Final Hours Of War & Empire Kickstarter

December 19, 2013 by brennon

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The War & Empire Kickstarter from West Wind Productions is coming towards its conclusion with around fifteen hours left until the countdown timer hits zero. It has been successfully funded and all armies are up for grabs!

All Armies Unlocked!

You can check out a selection of the different models that you could get your hands on by seeing the image below along with a look at the siege weaponry that can be added to pledges. It's quite a collection and proves that it could be perfect for siege warfare.

Model Showcase

Siege Weapons

I do have a like for this classical period and while it isn't as awesome as the Dark Ages (I'm sure some people would disagree) it does have a rich tapestry of civilisations and tactics of war to draw on. You can go from the deadly Celtic hordes all the way to the Roman Legions and everything in between.

Stone Bridge


Hill Fort Sections

Talking of terrain and sieges there are some great bits and pieces up for grabs if you like the idea of furnishing your board through this Kickstarter as well as making an army. The Hill Fort is something that came up in our interview with the team as well and should make for a place to hold an epic resistance against the Empire.

Get over and start pledging as the Kickstarter winds down.

Have you joined in?

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