Godwinson & Companions Coming Soon From Footsore Miniatures

May 28, 2020 by brennon

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I am a sucker for a Dark Age miniature and Footsore Miniatures & Games recently showed off a new set making their way onto their webstore soon. This isn't just any Anglo-Saxon though, this is Harold Godwinson!


This set features a new version of Godwinson alongside one of his Priests and a Bannerman who will be fighting alongside him in battle. The miniatures are sculpted by the exceptionally talented Matthew Bickley who has done some stunning work in the Dark Age and beyond.

I really like how much character is worked into all of these models. You get the feel of Godwinson being a powerful leader figure, the Priest being a studious scholar and the Bannerman being grim and determined, a veteran of many battles.

This is just a little peek at what they have in the works alongside a bunch of other Late Saxons. It is very hard to not break out the old SAGA rules and dive back in...

What do you think of these three miniatures?

"It is very hard to not break out the old SAGA rules and dive back in..."

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