Peter’s Paperboys Battle In The City Of Gold With Paper Ships!

May 25, 2022 by brennon

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Peter's Paperboys has now released a brand new set of paper kits for you to use in your tabletop wargaming. Battling back against the Conquistadors, your native warriors will be seeking to drive them from the City Of Gold.

Brigantine, Canoes & Crews - Peters Paperboys.jpg

Brigantine, Canoes & Crews // Peter's Paperboys

The first of the sets come with a selection of boats that you can use for some naval conflicts on the rivers and shallow seas of Central America. This set comes with a Brigantine, a set of Canoes and the crews to use aboard all of them.

There are a bunch of sheets for you to cut out but they do look fantastic once you see them all assembled like this. This seems like an awesome way to put together a naval confrontation for pretty cheap!

When it comes to finding a place to clash, how about the rivers surrounding the City in question?

City - Peters Paperboys

City // Peter's Paperboys

Again, a really good selection of pieces that would be fun to assemble and offer up a good way to build up some terrain rather quickly. Just make sure you have a good printer (or someone with a good printer!) so you get the detail of these pieces in the final look.

If you're seeking another focal point for your games then there is also the larger Pyramid set. You could use these to dot around the jungle if you were playing out skirmishes on land rather than on water.

Pyramid - Peters Paperboys

Pyramid // Peter's Paperboys

I'm not sure if it comes with it, but I do hope that the Pyramid also comes with the fellows on the top who are in the midst of sacrificing some poor sod. It would just be great to see more Peter Dennis art on the tabletop!

Last but not least, we have a set of Tupi Warriors for you to tinker with!

Tupi Warriors - Peters Paperboys

Tupi Warriors // Peter's Paperboys

Send these deadly warriors out into the jungle and have them hunt down the Conquistadors as they push through the jungle in search of your hidden city. I love the colour on these and what's even better is that Justin can't break out his clippers to trim their manhood!

Are you going to be snapping up these new sets from Peter's Paperboys?

"It would just be great to see more Peter Dennis art on the tabletop!"

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