Take A Peek At More From War Banner’s Mortal Gods

September 26, 2018 by brennon

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War Banner's Mortal Gods had its first outing at CHILLCON last weekend and the team behind it have begun to answer more questions about the game.

Mortal Gods Warband - War Banner

Whilst the game does have its own website (seen HERE) the real action is going on over at their Facebook Group which you can access and stay on top of the goodness going on there.

Mortal Gods Game #1 - War Banner

So, what's the game about? Well the folks behind it put together a bit of a Q&A for the game and shared some of their thoughts with the community.

The game will be a focused Historical game set during after the Persian Wars and featuring lots of infighting between the various City-States of the Peloponnese.

It will be focused around 28mm figure and if you've played Test Of Honour then you'll be pretty close when it comes to how the game plays out on the tabletop.

Mortal Gods Game #2 - War Banner

You'll be able to play the game in full next year as the team are focusing in on Gangs Of Rome up until Christmas. Beyond that, we should see Mortal Gods taking to the tabletop in 2019.

As well as working on the Greek States and the expanded forces that would have been threatening them like the Persians there will also be rules in the future for adding mythical beasts into the equation!

Are you excited by Mortal Gods?

"...there will also be rules in the future for adding mythical beasts into the equation!"

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