Face The Grotesque Assassin From The Legion Of Hordes

March 23, 2016 by brennon

The Legion of Everblight of Hordes have chosen a deadly and monstrous looking creature to hunt you through the night. Privateer Press have shown off the awesome looking Grotesque Assassin.

Grotesque Assassin

"The grotesque assassin represents the next step in evolution among the grotesques that serve Everblight. Reshaped by blighted energy, assassins boast longer bodies, a barbed tail, and more refined wings. These trained killers retain a mental capacity well beyond that of other grotesques, making them skilled hunters capable of leadership and advanced tactics."

I don't normally like the miniatures from Legion of Everblight - something about their aesthetic just doesn't work for me. However, in this case the Grotesque is looking superb. I like the mix of the demon and the dragon from their heritage.

The wings have been sculpted really nicely (which is always a challenge) and the weapons are dangerous and cruel looking. A perfect looking Legion beast.

What do you think?

"I like the mix of the demon and the dragon from their heritage..."

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