New Grymkin Renders Show What’s Creeping Into Hordes

April 20, 2017 by brennon

If you're liking the look of the Grymkin from Privateer Press for Hordes then you'll want to check out these new renders that appeared online showing off some of the upcoming characters and units available as the faction expands.

Lady Kiranna Rose

Leading the way is this lady who appears to have been surrounded with pesky little imps clambering all over her. We know her name, Lady Kiranna Rose, and it will be fun seeing how she fits into the wider collection for the Grymkin going forward. She certainly has an unassuming but dangerous look about her.

The Creepy & The Creepier!

Following on from her we have a strange contraption and something decidedly more creepy too. First off is the Death Knell which looks like it has been lifted right out of a fairytale world.

Death Knell

This creation shows just how inventive they've been getting at Privateer Press, using the Grymkin as an excuse to do something completely different and off the wall. It's nice to see them being allowed to experiment and go in a different direction to bring a new lease of life to the narrative and it's aesthetic.

The 'heroic' nature of the sculpts still feels Hordes but with a twist. This grave keeper with his creepy bell no doubt heralds something unfortunate coming your way.

Maybe The Child might have something to say about that?

The Child

If anyone has played Malifaux then you'll be getting shades of The Dreamer from this. Once again it's giving us a different slice of the world that Hordes and Warmachine inhabits and introducing recognisable monster designs but in a new way. You could have a lot of fun painting this range too.


We finish off with some of the Imps that have been talked about in past videos with the Privateer Press crew. The Glimmer Imp is first up, dressed in his finery and yet no less dark and dangerous for his attire.

Glimmer Imp

He is then joined by the rather quirky looking Cask Imps. This aesthetic for Hordes is something that seems to be bringing a few more players into the world.

Cask Imps

The core factions have been joined by fringe factions before with the Cephalyx, who gave the game a different aesthetic when they were released too. Whilst the Cephalyx fitted into the urban environments of Immoren the Grymkin fill the role of what lies out there in rural pastures.

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What do you think of the Grymkin?

"First off is the Death Knell which looks like it has been lifted right out of a fairytale world..."

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