Corvus Belli Reveal News For Infinity & Warcrow At Gen Con

August 7, 2023 by brennon

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Corvus Belli has revealed some more details on what's coming next for the universes of Infinity and Warcrow. At Gen Con this year, the team put together two videos that showcase some of the new miniatures and more coming to both their Sci-Fi wargame and their Fantasy one.

Infinity Universe Studio Update - Gen Con 2023 Seminar

In the first of the videos from Corvus Belli, Carlos talks through some of the upcoming miniatures coming to various factions. We get a look at some excellent new reinforcements for you to choose from, a new Dire Foes pack on the horizon and a graphic novel!

Aftermath Art - Infinity

Aftermath Art // Infinity


Ksenia Lavochkina // Infinity

Aftermath will be landing in Autumn 2023 so watch out for that and make sure to get your hands on the exclusive miniatures that will come out alongside it as well. For fans looking for even more Infinity goodness, it's well worth watching through the rest of the video which shared sneaky peeks like these...


Rem Racers - Coming Autumn 2023 // Corvus Belli


Nomads Pupniks // Infinity get your head around the fun that Corvus Belli have coming your way.

The Future Of Warcrow

For those looking to get their claws into more Fantasy gaming goodness from Corvus Belli, Warcrow Adventures is going to be coming to tabletops in the near future but the Warcrow wargame is also set to previews in the next few months as well.

Warcrow - Whispers Of Lindwurm - Gen Con Seminar

You'll be able to get hands on with the game over the rest of 2023 at select conventions so watch out for those. AdeptiCon 2024 will then mark the presentation of the game in full followed by more at Gen Con later in 2024.


Hegemony Of Embersig Starter Warband // Warcrow


Northern Tribes Starter Warband // Warcrow


Njord The Merciless // Warcrow


Warcrow Timeline // Corvus Belli

The video also goes into more detail on new miniatures, game mechanics and more that will be of use to those tracking the progress of this game. The future looks bright for Warcrow fans as the dungeon crawler turns into an epic wargame as we move into 2024.

What did you like from the Infinity and Warcrow presentations this year at Gen Con?

"What did you like from the Infinity and Warcrow presentations this year at Gen Con?"

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